Yee hah, time for GameSetLinks once more, again, starting out with a discussion on Versus CluClu Land about how non-gamers can be enticed into gaming - with Pokemon, for example!

Also in here - a pretty crazy (pictured!) political ad mashing up political leaders and Street Fighter characters, as well as Captain Rainbow, a new book on Japanese arcades, Postal 3 and The Village People, and, y'know, more.

Float real smooth:

Versus CluClu Land: I Talk with my Ladyfriend about our Mutual Love of Pokemans
'I've seen many of my non-gamer friends get sucked into some pretty hardcore games. A prime example is my girlfriend, who really got into Pokémon Diamond last summer.'

Just as Fun to Watch < Columns | PopMatters
'L.B. Jeffries talks to "Boner", a gamer who has managed to build a following simply by allowing an internet audience to watch him play.'

Wonderland: Introversion & Channel 4: update
News from the source - also slightly convoluted commissioning structure explained!

iPhone Game Development - Indiegamer Developer Discussion Boards
'Sure there will be hits from small developers that make top coin, but where there is 1 hit there will be several hundred that are not methinks and turn over moderate to low or even no cash at all perhaps?'

Crispy Gamer - Feature: The 10 People We Hope Will Shut the F*** Up at This Year's E3
Anonymous vitriol alert!

Video: Captain Rainbow, Nintendo's Fabulous New Wii Game | Game | Life from
What happens if you eat too many Skittles and have previously created Chibi Robo, it appears.

Stanford workshop offers perspectives on preservation issues in virtual worlds | How They Got Game
'How will businesses, government organizations, and academic institutions preserve and manage knowledge emerging from work in these spaces?' Arcade Mania: The Turbo-charged World of Japan's Game Centers: Brian Ashcraft, Jean Snow: Books
Interesting - from Kotaku and Wired News staffers - coming out from Kodansha later this year - fun topic.

Go POSTAL: 'POSTAL III to star The Village People's Original Cowboy Randy Jones'
Have. No. Words. - 'Street Fighter ad in Financial Times'
Wow, extremely wacky.