The inevitable comeback of GameSetLinks, this time headed by, among other things, the Prima Games author blog getting down to it and reviewing the food provided by famous game developers - an important, under-discussed topic, no doubt.

Also hanging out in here - a cute looking new robotic freeware graphic adventure, chiptune 8-bit music video art stylings, the different kinds of game programmers, scary graphs of the Japanese dojin fan-scene, and lots more.

Is there anybody out there?

Hit Self-Destruct: Supermodel Is One Word
On hyperbole and flameout in the reception of games, I think? 'The press accelerates. It doesn't reflect. No time for classics or slow burns.'

Food of the Game Gods: Part 3/4 « Prima Games Author Blog
I may be the only person subscribed to the Prima Games strategy guide author blog, but now they're doing bizarre Yelp-ish developer food reviews, so time to tell the world!

Lively Ivy » Nanobots
V.neat looking freeware graphic adventure, from a female developer and contributor to the Blackwell series - via Gnome.

Metal Gear Solid E3 Snake Meat | Proto-dev-grail-interesting auctions |
Highly amusing promo item.

Rhizome: 'Pixel Pop'
'Raquel Meyers's vividly animated videos for chiptuners like Jellica, Bubblyfish, and Glomag mirror the music's retro-tech aesthetic with 8-bit visuals and narrative elements lifted from the era of 2-D videogames.'

'Women's Work' - Feature from
'Female gaming spokespeople tell us what it's like living in the public eye.'

Joe Ludwig’s blog » Five Kinds of Programmers
'Over the course of my career I’ve run into several archetypes of professional programmers.' Described here!

Confessions of an Aca/Fan: Designing Accessible Games
Eitan Glinert (co-creator of AudiOdyssey) on accessibility.

Gamers Surveyed on Fake Games from
Elliott/Ashley transition onto 1UP is making for some mighty good stuff, considering they used to be the 'elite' print guys for Ziff.

Canned Dogs » Blog Archive » Comiket circles doing Leaf, Key or Type-moon
The game fanclub/creation scene for Japanese supergeeks, graphed.