- Really enjoy wandering around the Internet and finding GSW-worthy information for you good readers.

This weekend is no exception, starting out with a fun post from a Splash Damage game designer on Far Cry 2's 'possibility spaces', or something.

Also hanging out in here - some neat pics of California Extreme, Harvey Smith on having his faith in games revitalized, PARC on avatar gender choices in MMOs, Mystery Science Theater messing with PlayStation, and lots more.

Go go go:

It's Bezness Time: Far Crying and Far Wanking
Best name for a blog post on Far Cry 2's narrative structure evah.

MST3K Playstation Underground 2CD set + VHS tape - eBay
Aha, it's on YouTube, too, inevitably.

Interview: Codeglue Talks Rockets and Rotterdam | XBLArcade.com
Another neat XBLA indie title to watch for.

witchboy.net » Blog Archive » 5 moments
Harvey Smith (wonder what he's cooking at Arkane Austin?) rhapsodizes: 'I think 2007 reinvigorated my faith in games, which had (perhaps understandably) flagged.'

Tokyo Exhibition Turns Game Carts Into Pop Art | Game | Life from Wired.com
'Held in May at Tokyo retro game specialist store Meteor, the show invited artists to contribute their own cartridge art using the carts themselves as the medium.'

PlayOn: Avatar Survey: Gender Demographics
The infamous Palo Alto Research Center looking at how people play in MMOs.

Heartless Doll - Top 10 Most Ridiculous Undergarments Worn by Women in Video Games
All of these look painful to some degree.

More Captain Rainbow details « Lovedelic Life
'Some extremely nice person on YouTube has taken the time to upload and subtitle the first two Captain Rainbow trailers that are currently available on the Japanese Nintendo Channel.'

Techcrunch: AOL Makes Big Budget Cuts Across Blogs
Oh dear - commiserations to any game-related blogs affected, there's some nice people over there.

California Extreme 2008 at Lepus Lepidus
Good write-up of a show I forgot to plug closer to the time - especially neat that The Act was there.