Cuing up the GameSetLinks late on a Sunday, while watching the surprisingly fun Godzilla: Final Wars to boot (hey, kids, Hideo Kojima is an extra in it!), we start out with Chris Dahlen examining the point (or not) of games that bait.

Also in this set of lovingly excavated links - weird games, awesome Half Man Half Biscuit songs about people who quit Yahoo! Chess after they lose, a paean to Soul Bubbles, the history of game journalism, and more.

Bingo bongo bango:

Randy Balma: Municipal Abortionist - Provocative Games Are Good … Why Exactly? « Save the Robot - Chris Dahlen
'From the title to the aggressive aesthetic sense, the game is provocative. It reminds me of aggressive noise rock or experimental film, which attacks the audience with anti-social and rebellious themes.'

Back of the Cereal Box: Stuck in an Elf Village
'Harmony-happy rock band Fleet Foxes credited the game Final Fantasy alongside Simon & Garfunkel and Beach Boys bootlegs as having influences their sound.'

The Ryan Lambie column: the 5 weirdest games ever - Den of Geek
Bonus marks for at least two games I'd forgotten/never heard of - Frankie Goes To Hollywood (utterly bizarre) and some Gorbachev Game Gear game?

YouTube - Half Man Half Biscuit - Bad Losers On Yahoo Chess - sheff08
Best song ever about griefing in casual browser games - here's the lyrics - also see my ffwd linkblog for some silly, non-game related Half Man Half Biscuit YouTube mashups.

Our game actually passes XBLA cert shocker - Indiegamer Developer Discussion Boards
'After 7 (yep, that's a seven) months in final certification, our Shogi game just got a clean pass and will soon be on sale over the XBLA service.'

a love letter to 'Soul Bubbles' - one of the best games on the nintendo ds - NeoGAF
Well-documented post on obscure original IP DS goodness.

YouTube - Lag Issues in SF2 HD Remix Beta
'The online code for the HD Remix Beta works well at pings under 100ms, but for higher pings it basically glitches the game out.'

Crispy Gamer - Feature: Word Play: The Evolution of Game Journalism
I think I neglected to link this, which is silly, cos it's an awesome trawl through game journalism history, if rather old school when it gets to where we are now.

IO9: 'Gaming: Is It Art? Or Is It LARP?'
Brody Condon, who does video game-related art at times, on: 'SonsbeekLive: The Twentyfivefold Manifestation... an art project/live action role playing game happening right now, in a Netherlands forest, with 200 participants.'

YouTube - Earth Worm Jim - The Making Of
Completely awesomely retro making-of thing, MTV early '90s style, Dave Perry's accent is a bit more Irish and there's 'Sabotage' and unicycling. Via Frank, yay.