Yeep, time for some more GameSetLinks, this time headed up by Shawn Elliott's fascinating analysis of where Denis Dyack's head is at, to paraphrase a scary Basement Jaxx video. More psychoanalysis in game journalism plz!

Also in here - Japanese experimental neat crazy person Kenichi Nishi is doing an iPod game, Bit Blot's Aquaria gets awesome cosplay, the terror of MMO forums, Wetrix co-creator and UK indie legend Ste Pickford on why his game isn't coming to consoles any more, and quite a few other things.

To the stars:

Shawn's 1UP Blog: The Transformative Magic of Too Human's Denis Dyack
'Does preemptive damage control increase the inevitability of the very damage it intends to avert?'

Line Rider Goes Silverlight | Sarah In Tampa | Channel 10
Interesting, I wonder if this was a Microsoft-impelled deal or not.

Conversation Hub » Session Video: All the World’s a Game
'In this session at Supernova 2008, Susan Wu (Charles River Ventures) moderates a discussion featuring Douglas Thomas (USC), Dave Elfving (Apple), and Raph Koster (Metaplace).' Via B&G Blog.

Ste Pickford of Zee-3 on his new game coming out on PC, not console
'We might not be making a game for XBLA any more, but we've got a nearly finished original PC game that's far more polished than a pure prototype, which has been designed to appeal to a XBLA audience.'

Bit Blot: 'Aquaria Cosplay @ Anime Expo'
Wow, completely awesome.

Former Game Designer's "Dancing 2008" Puts Minnesota Teen Singer Past Madonna | GameCulture
'Matt Harding is a serendipity magnet. That's how pal Gary Schyman describes the former Activision designer who gained fame after he left Pandemic Studios to roam the world.'

Analyst Whacks Entertainment Industry: Major Cannibalization Set To Begin… Now |
Really interesting graphs on the rise and fall of VHS vs. DVD, cassette vs. CD.

All’s Fair in Games of War « Desert Hat
'What kind of game is war most closely related to? Cultural ideas of ‘chivalric war’ aside, war is like a game in which the players play to win.'

Eegra: 'New Kenichi Nishi Game: Newtonica'
'I just got an email from Kenichi Nishi (Giftpia, Chibi-Robo, Archime-DS/LOL), letting me know about his new game... it’s called Newtonica [pictured], it’s coming out on July 11, and it’s for the freakin’ iPhone!'

Elder Game: MMO game development » Taming the Forum Tiger
'If somebody’s only interaction with a game were reading its forums, they would come away thinking just about any game in existence is terrible.'