Yeehah, some more GameSetLinks, headed out by the fascinating-sounding Sense Of Wonder Night at Tokyo Game Show this year - I'm finding out more, and in the meantime, Western indies should consider applying.

Also in this particular batch - the real geographies of Azeroth, the making of Stanford's machinima archive, how to win (or lose) money playing casual games on WorldWinner, the trailhead for the Resistance 2 ARG, and lots more.

Tiny teeny beanies:

'Sense Of Wonder Night' details|TOKYO GAME SHOW
More details, open to Westerners - this mentions explicitly that this is inspired by Experimental Gameplay Workshop @ GDC, very neat.

n00b World Reorder, part 2 | COPE: James Wallis levels with you
Continuing much-linked, fun faux-scientific World Of Warcraft analysis.

chewing pixels » Videogames about Videogames: Segagaga
Looking forward to seeing the referenced Edge interview appear online - good info here anyhow.

Bruce Shelley : Age of Empires III- 20 Million Games Played and Halo Wars Controls
Not sure many people know about this blog - interesting info on Halo Wars, internal prototyping teams at Ensemble, etc.

ARGNet: Get off your Computer and Get a (War) Job
'The GamePro website offered a sneak peek at the preview, leading to the trailhead for the rumored Resistance 2 ARG.'

Aggro Me: Gaming for Dollars
Hadn't seen details from someone playing WorldWinner for money before - interesting.

A Tree Falling in the Forest: Huh?:Jeetil Patel and Wagner James Au Tribute Edition
Some hearty poking-at: 'The two gentlemen are right about the costs [of current-gen games], but wrong about everything else.'

Fresh Intelligence : Radar Online : Rate Cuts At Gawker Media
Interesting clarification via Nick Denton, that '...his young writers are paid more than other young writers at other print and web outlets.' Broadly true - of course, there are no old/experienced writers needed, but that's true elsewhere too. Not picking on Gawker, promise.

UCLA Mediascape: 'Game Capture: The Machinima Archive and the History of Digital Games'
Stanford's Henry Lowood on the machinima collection I helped him set up.

Trends in Japan » Long-distance romance RPG for mobiles
'Your little brother Youta is studying abroad at a mysterious all-boys academy, St. Alphonso, on the remote and secluded foreign island of the same name.'