Wow, even through the swirling mists of E3, we still have some GameSetLinks left over from the weekend, headed by an awesomely diverse Diana Jones award shortlist - which I hadn't heard of before, but spans board and transgaming somewhat effortlessly.

Also in this set of links - the odd and neat homebrew Game Trivia Catechism (pictured - with Gremlin/Infogrames questions to peruse, blimey!), alongside games and art, bad hair, Kongai, and Rock Band 2 rockage,

Secular linkalige:

OgreCave » 2008 Diana Jones shortlist announced
Really interesting, thoughtful cross-media list from an originally board-game centric award.

Japanmanship: Good Art Director! Have a Creme Egg!
It's a bit Twinkie-ish, isn't it?

Multiple:Option: Game Trivia Catechism
More interesting DS homebrew: 'Game Trivia Catechism is a multiple-choice trivia game, testing your knowledge of video gaming.' With a story mode!

“Nooch on Gaming” will be signing off | Nooch on Gaming
Aw, the Merc News, my local, loses both Dean Takahashi and Mike Antonucci, some of the strongest mainstream newspaper game writers.

Playing by All the Rules | Quiet Babylon
'There is a certain arrogance that comes from being a scrub. It’s the idea that you know better than the designers whether or not their game is balanced.'

Rhizome: 'Games by Mark Essen'
Delighted to see 'game artist' being easily described on net-art site Rhizome.

GI Online: 'Bad Hair Day: Some Of The Worst Hair In Video-Game History'
Game Informer Online is pretty weird, post-Berghammer.

Play Kongai, a free online game on Kongregate
The David Sirlin-designed Flash CCG game debuts, aha!

Teaching Game Design: Giving Great Game Demos
Recapping a board game pitch discussion: 'Explaining the rules of a game is no different than teaching any other course material.'

Rock Band 2: The AV Club Hands-On Preview | The A.V. Club
Ex-GSW columnist Dahlen does a great job of explaining the heart behind Harmonix's sequel - lots of little specifics, too - via InSword.