['Welcome to the GameSetWatch Comic' is, once again, a weekly comic by (or posted on behalf of!) Jonathan "Persona" Kim about the continuing adventures of our society, cultural postdialectic theory, and video games.

A little note from Persona this week: "I had a friend do a comic for me this week while I was at Anime Expo selling my comic stuffs. It's about the soon to be released Sonic Unleashed and the sorry state of Sonic. If you want to write up a little info about my friend for the entry, his name is Radrappy and he posts on the Visublog (http://visublog.mechafetus.com) along with the rest of my buddies. His hobbies include crying over what the next Sonic game will be like, while simultaneously having hope and great despair in his heart for the state of Sonic Team." Fair enough!

He actually has head cancer

[Jonathan "Persona" Kim is a character animation student at the California Institute of the Arts. When not working on doujinshi material, he continues the Mecha Fetus revolution on the Mecha Fetus Visublog.]