[Vox Populi, a somewhat unexpected new development for GameSetWatch, is a bi-weekly column discussing things we've heard - and things you've told us - about video games today, and video games in the future.]

Welcome to the first Vox Populi column. As you can see, there's some information we thought it might be good to bring to light - so we have done just that. We hope you enjoy it:

- What's SuperNormal? Other than the state of being extremely normal, Vox Populi believes that it's the name of Ready at Dawn's new project - and may very well be the original IP targeted towards next-gen systems that the Irvine studio is currently working on. It's probably too early to see much of that game at E3, but watch for more information about it as it gets further into to development.

- EALA's acclaimed Wii physics puzzler Boom Blox looks to be getting some kind of spiritual successor, according to job postings Vox Populi dug up. Several of the naughty specifics cited: "Come join the team that created BOOM BLOX, here at Electronic Arts Los Angeles!"..."creating accessible, quick-to-the-fun games for all ages on the Nintendo Wii!"..."Interest or experience with physics gameplay a plus!" More throwing things at things, then?

- Funcom's Age Of Conan has been the most successful launch at PC retail in America since the last holiday season, according to Vox Populi's sources, with almost 250,000 retail units sold in just its first ten days on sale in the U.S., between standard and limited editions. This ties up with recent public figures that say 700,000 players have created accounts, worldwide.

- It appears that Activision has backtracked on its recent decision to shutter Underground Development (formerly Z-Axis) at the end of May, since the Foster City, CA studio is "currently working on an expansion for the highly rated Guitar Hero series," according to some web pages Vox Populi was pointed to. We're thinking Guitar Hero: Metallica, but who knows?

- Vox Populi has received word that Ubisoft's 'CamCam' product may currently be in private beta testing - but what is it? Other tipsters have uncovered trademark indications suggesting it's some kind of camera-related software - given Ubisoft's predilection for DS add-ons such as the pedometer for My Weight Loss Coach, perhaps the add-on is a DS camera/game combo? We vote for either that or something Wii-y.

- Sources have told Vox Populi that EA Chicago's now-canceled sequel to lukewarm-received hip-hop fighter Def Jam: Icon would have allowed players to create their own songs to use in the game, in a manner none too different from the highly touted create-a-song feature of the forthcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour. However, the opportunity for gamers to create their own beats with the legendary rap label may not be dead, if a recent Def Jam trademark filing for "RapStar" for use in games is any indication.

[DISCLAIMER: Vox Populi is the voice of the people. Literally. So it lives on what it hears. Please send it information. It endeavors to ensure that the information in this entertaining missive is correct, but, citing an excellent, similar column in another medium: "All stories are sourced from well-connected individuals. But I urge you to use your judgment and remember, context is everything."]