[You'll also find this on IndieGames.com: The Weblog, but it's so neat that it deserves a quick crosspost - kudos to Derek and the TIGSourcies.]

Over the last few days on sister site IndieGames.com, a few of the notable entries from indie community TIGSource's latest Procedural Generation Competition have been mentioned in brief.

This latest indie challenge is one where participating developers were tasked with making unique games using some element of procedural and algorithmically generated content in the code - whether it be level design or even larger parts of gameplay.

Some of the highlights from the innovative competition are linked below:

Rescue: The Beagles
A platformer by Nenad where the objective is to save the required number of dogs from the hands of evil researchers in each stage to progress.

A simple scoring-based puzzler where players acquire points by making small squares with four tiles of the same colour, or attempt to create large loops for a special multiplier bonus.

A colonization game where you take a set of self-replicating mining machines and attempt to gain control of an entire asteroid belt.

Self Destruct
A bullet hell shooter with randomly generated enemy patterns.

Artificial Nature
An arena shooter in which players must acquire stars from fallen enemies and channel a hundred of these to the base located at the center of the map.

Laser Bunny
A short action game consisting of ten levels, in which players must make their way past hordes of enemies to reach the exit placed at the north end of each map.

Evolution Shmup
Petri Purho's experimental attempt at creating the perfect vertical shooter by tracking the amount of time that a player spends on each random iteration of a new game.

A complete list of TIGSource Procedural Generation Competition entries can be found in this post. Voting and subsequent winners will debut on TIGSource very soon.

[UPDATE: Imagine my delight when I noted that Ludus Novus has also posted on the competition, and has highlighted almost completely different picks. So lots of neat stuff to check out here too!]