Actually, looks like a slightly quieter second half of the week for the GameSetNetwork posts from our sister sites. Nonetheless, there's some neat stuff in here - particularly the Gamasutra interview with Owen O'Brien on DICE's Mirror's Edge - one of the most intriguing-looking first-person games in quite some time, thanks to the control method.

There's also a nice multi-interview piece on microtransaction vs. subscription MMOs, with Mythic's Mark Jacobs looking askance at the non-subscription weenies, apparently. Also, that Kudo Tsunoda interview now that he's at MGS - boy, much shameless non-answering on display there, sorry Kudo.

Ready steady massive:

Living On The Edge: DICE's Owen O'Brien Speaks
"EA DICE's Mirror's Edge is a notable departure for the Battlefield developer - a non-combat heavy, first-person dystopian title inspired by parkour. But how did the team prototype and iterate it? Senior producer Owen O'Brien explains."

A Templated C++ Attribute Library for Object Persistence and Export
"In this in-depth technical piece, coding veteran McNickle explains how experience on the Deer Hunter series led him to create a library for managing and exporting important variables."

In-Depth: Justice O'Connor On How Games Can Address Corrupt Courts
"Following its initial report, Gamasutra has full details of retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor's speech on her Our Courts game, intriguingly planned to educate students on government and civic involvement, as well as the role of the judiciary."

MMOG Business Models: Cancel That Subscription!
"The online game market has a battle raging between subscription-based and alternative microtransaction-related business models - Gamasutra examines the matchup with SOE's John Smedley, Three Rings' Daniel James and EA Mythic's Mark Jacobs."

Game Design Challenge: Rename Katamari Damacy
"'s Game Design Challenge this week asks you to think partly like a designer, partly like a localization staff member, and partly like a business and marketing person. Your task is to rename Katamari Damacy in English."

Q&A: Microsoft Game Studios' Tsunoda Talks Gears Of War Franchise
"Former EA Chicago head Kudo Tsunoda is now at Microsoft Game Studios, helping to produce Gears Of War 2 from a first-party perspective, and Gamasutra catches up with him to discuss the game, MGS' heritage, and his boundless enthusiasm for his new role."