- Woop, time to finish off the GameSetNetwork links for the week, highlighting some of the best original posts from big sister site Gamasutra, plus educational site GameCareerGuide and various other neatnesses.

Highlights from the second half of the week - a genuinely funny/entertaining chat with the casual folks at PopCap (Peggle Peggle Peggle!), the state of Nintendo DS piracy in Korea, plus some further write-ups from sundry neat Dutch and Dallas-based conferences. So there.

Inky, Blinky, Clyde:

PopCap: The Complexity Of Being Casual
"PopCap's titles like Bejeweled and Peggle make them the top casual brand - here, Gamasutra talks co-founder John Vechey and CEO David Roberts about XBLA, iPhone, and an upcoming "cool collaboration" with a top console developer."

Lecture: What The PC Gaming Alliance Can Do For You
"At the recent Game Education Summit, Dell's gaming CTO Rick Carini, chairperson of the new PC Gaming Alliance, told his audience why players are fed up with buying PC games - and just how the PCGA is planning to help players and developers alike."

Piracy in Korea: R4 Triumphant
"Game piracy may be somewhat stymied in the West, but not so worldwide - in this case study, Seoul-based Nick Rumas examines the cultural and practical issues behind Nintendo DS piracy in Korea."

Robertson: Does The Industry Need More Self-Awareness?
"Odyssey creator Ralph Baer opened the ongoing Dutch Festival of Games, but it was former Edge editor and consultant Margaret Robertson who took a critical look at forty years of games, asking just why the game biz is "an industry that’s amazingly ignorant about itself"."

Panel: Why User-Generated Content Matters For Games
"A panel at the recent Social Gaming Summit, including Daniel James (Puzzle Pirates) and Cary Rosenzweig (IMVU) looked at the idea that that the games industry should understand user generated content before it's too late, with the intriguing proposition that game developers should think virtual "spaces" - not virtual "worlds.""

Focus On: The State Of Gaming In Europe
"GameVision Europe research head Sean Dromgoole delivered a keynote at the NLGD Festival on the European game market, revealing up to a 390% increase in adults playing games between 2005 and 2008, "mainly based on what Nintendo's been doing" - stats galore within."

Student Postmortem: ETC's The Winds of Orbis
"The Winds of Orbis: An Active-Adventure is an physically challenging game for children ages 7 to 12, developed by students at the Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center - here's a detailed postmortem of the Wiimote and dance mat-utilizing title."

NLGD: TriplePoint's Kauppinen Predicts Downloadable Game Glut
"At the ongoing Dutch Festival of Games in Utrecht, Holland, TriplePoint PR firm VP Sean Kauppinen warned developers of an upcoming glut of console downloadable games, as independent developers are increasingly unable find publishing deals for big-budget titles -- particularly where they can own their own IP."

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