Aha, time to round up some of the best original features and interviews this week from big sister site Gamasutra and Game Career Guide, among others, headed by a neat, superlong Randy Pitchford interview - mainly run so we can feature the 'Pitchford covered in games' hilarishot.

Also around here somewhere - a design piece on how Dungeons & Dragon's 4th Edition could influence video games, Silent Hill's Lynch-ian influences, plus designing exergames with deeper stories.

Cha cha cha:

Catching Up With Gearbox's Randy Pitchford
"Texas-based Gearbox both owns the Brothers In Arms WWII franchise, and is diversifying swiftly into areas from Samba De Amigo for Wii to an Aliens FPS - Gamasutra talks in-depth to president Randy Pitchford on challenges, successes."

The Adventurer's Guide to Thievery
"The 4th Edition of the seminal pen & paper RPG Dungeons & Dragons has just debuted - but why should game developers care? THQ veteran Tom Smith explains what video games can learn - or even 'borrow' - from D&D's evolution."

Interview: CCP's Richardsson On The State Of EVE Online
"Space-based PC MMO EVE Online is five, and in this wide-ranging interview with Gamasutra, CCP executive producer Nathan Richardsson looks at the game's progress to date, gameplay comparisons with starkly different market leader World Of Warcraft, the lack of female players in-world, and much more."

A More Accurate Volumetric Particle Rendering Method Using the Pixel Shader
"Many games, even on current "next-gen" hardware, render particles using camera facing quads - veteran coder Krazanowski (Tomb Raider: Anniversary) suggests a neat alternative solution using pixel shaders and a little bit of math."

GCG’s Game Design Challenge Results: Hamlet
"Sister site GameCareerGuide.com has posted the strongest solutions to its recent game design challenge, which tasked readers with designing a game based on Hamlet - limiting in-game character dialogue strictly to words directly from Shakespeare’s text."

Combating Child Obesity: Helping Kids Feel Better by Doing What They Love
"Can you create a deep, story-based title that also functions as an exergame? DeAngelis looks at the history of exercise gaming and explains how his CMU university project Winds Of Orbis tries to twin the RPG and exercising for kids."

Q&A: Konami's Yamaoka on Silent Hill: Homecoming's Western Development Trip
"Konami's seminal Silent Hill horror franchise has shifted to a Western developer with the upcoming Double Helix-created Silent Hill: Homecoming - and Gamasutra talks to longtime series composer and now producer Akira Yamaoka about the shift, creative direction, and Lynch-ian inspiration."

The Impact of Activision Blizzard
"With the giant Activision-Vivendi Games merger, announced in late 2007, still wending its way to completion, Gamasutra talks to lawyer Tom Buscaglia, journalist Michael Zenke and analyst Michael Pachter on soon to be felt ramifications."