god.jpg Due to the holiday on Monday, we haven't had a GameSetNetwork round-up - of neat original articles on Gamasutra, GameCareerGuide, and our other sister sites - until now. Which means there's a whole heap of stuff to get through, headed by John Harris' 'Game Design Essentials' entry on Atari.

Also hanging around in here - some top-level chats to senior types from Valve, Epic, and Midway, as well as a good piece on agile development at Large Animal Games and a discussion on happiness and how it relates to game design, *grin*.

So some links:

Game Design Essentials: 20 Atari Games
"Atari Games, in its heyday, produced some of the most brilliant game designs the world has ever seen - from Marble Madness to Tempest and beyond - and Gamasutra compiles the 20 essentials throughout the company's long arcade career."

Introducing Scrum At Large Animal Games: A Look Back at the First Year of Agile Development
"NY-based developer Large Animal (Rocketbowl, Snapshot Adventures) switched to the Scrum method of agile development last year, 'sprinting' to complete individual game elements - here's just how it went."

Giving Games A Voice: Sony's Dialog Manager Greg deBeer Speaks
"Voice acting is a surprisingly vital part of character-based game creation - and Gamasutra talks to Sony dialog manager deBeer on his work aiding titles from the God of War series to Uncharted: Drake's Fortune."

The Pursuit of Games: Designing Happiness
"In a thought-provoking article, Page 44 Studios (Tony Hawk) designer Lorenzo Wang looks at recent research on happiness, focusing on six key findings that can help us all make better games."

Book Extract: Dungeons and Desktops: 'The Silver Age'
"Excerpting from his 'Dungeons & Desktops' book on the history of CRPGs, Matt Barton looks at 'The Silver Age' of role-playing games, from Richard Garriott's Ultima I through Sir-Tech's Wizardry and beyond."

Valve: PC Has 'Perception Problem,' Piracy Reflects 'Unserved Customers'
"During a small press event held at its Bellevue offices, Valve outlined the state of PC gaming as it sees it, painting a bright picture for the segment. Included are thoughts on emerging markets, piracy, and the PC's "distributed management problem.""

god.jpg In-Depth: Mark Rein On Unreal Engine 3, The State Of Epic
"Unreal Engine 3 is the dominant game engine in the next-gen marketplace - but what's in the future for it and its creator Epic Games? Gamasutra talks in-depth to Epic VP Mark Rein on Unreal Tournament III, engine licensing, and the state of the market."

ION: Fuel's Robbins Exposes Secrets Of An Advergame Developer
"In this session from the ION Conference, Fuel Industries' Brian Robbins, whose company makes advergames for major brands from Jim Beam to McDonalds (pictured) and beyond, discussed why "making fun games associated with well-known IPs without paying license fees" may make the space more interesting than many think."

Q&A: EA's Schofield Ventures Into Dead Space
"EA Redwood Shores' sci-fi horror title Dead Space is a high-profile original IP title for Electronic Arts - but how was it greenlit, how is it being developed, and how will it stand out? Gamasutra talks in-depth to executive producer Glen Schofield to find out."

Educational Feature: ‘10 Myths About Game Degrees’
"Dr. Andrew Tuson of the Department of Computing at City University London debunks 10 misconceptions about game development degrees in a new GameCareerGuide.com article."

In-Depth: Midway CEO Booty Talks State Of Company, Tech
"Midway interim CEO/president Matt Booty is a 17-year veteran and former programmer at the company - and Gamasutra talks to him about his unique perspective on the still struggling-publisher, its unified $100 million 'Midway Core' engine based on Unreal Engine 3, and its key 2008 line-up."