Well, time for some new GameSetLinks to usher in the new week, headed by the neat idea of having audio commentary to explain your super-speedy game speed runs - thanks for sorting that one out, Speed Demos Archive.

Also in here somewhere or other - a totally adorable (pictured) new Steve Purcell illustration on the Sam & Max tip, plus confessional games, types of testing, and 'games as poetry', indeed.

And it's on:

Speed Demos Archive: 'Audio Commentary' thread
Great idea - speed runs with commentary to you can understand how/why the ninja speed is cool.

Steve Purcell: 'My obscure bookplate, lovingly painted and aged to perfection for the Sam & Max Surfin' the Highway Limited Edition Hardcover.' Weiner Sam!

Heroine Sheik » Blog Archive » Click Me: “Video Game Sex Beyond Grand Theft Auto”
Slightly NSFW cover, discussing a new book on sex/games I wasn't aware of.

The Escapist : Immortality
"If you had an immortality pill right there in front of you, would you take it?" Jason Rohrer tries a game about it.

Nintendo's Mixed WiiWare Messages : Edge
'Because of the structure of the initiative, WiiWare developers are wholly responsible for having their titles rated, translated and legally checked for each of these regions.'

Confessional Games | The New Gamer
'Why are confessional games so scarce when the genre thrives in other mediums?'

Types of Testing | Gamelab
'I found 16 different kinds of testing that might happen all in the course of a single game's development.'

Q Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi Interview // None /// Eurogamer
Nice wide-ranging Rob Fahey interview with the Miz.

Ludus Novus :: Phyta: Games As Poetry
'This is a game about growth. Growth at the expense of all else. It’s sad and beautiful.'

Japanmanship: Futurama
JC Barnett goes all predictoid - I think he does a good job. If serious. Which it is. I think.