Returning for a near-weekend brush with GameSetLinks, we feature such delights as the (pictured) GameStop trade-in air freshener gimmick, which I am still recovering from opening, nasally, and those awesome Blik Nintendo-themed wall decals.

Also in here - some very game community-applicable Yahoo! community patterns from the Habitat folks, an awesome lecture on game culture, more No More Heroes critiques, and more Nintendo DS oddness, sniffle, *bawl*.

Inside it's shining: Nintendo Wall Decals
Oo, officially licensed surface graphics for walls, totally awesome.

Jeremy's 1UP Blog: MGS4, EGM, NDAs and YOU
Explanations are good!

GameStop Uses Air Fresheners to Promote Trades - Shacknews - PC Games, PlayStation, Xbox 360 and Wii video game news, previews and downloads
We just got one of these, and it stunk up the entiiire office, haha.

NCSX Import Video Games & Toys: 99 No Namida - New Japanese DS Game
'The Namida software throws a few personality questions at the user and creates a sort of emotional profile from the answers. A short story then plays out on the screen which is designed to make the reader cry.'

Dispatches: No More Heroes, Part Three; Or: Raise High the Beam Katana, Carpenters! at Game Design Advance
I swear, there's been more decent thought-pieces about No More Heroes than almost any other recent game. Is it all the pop culture crammed into it?

GP EXCLUSIVE: Read the Transcript as Jack Thompson Storms Out of Court | GamePolitics
A playwright couldn't have playwrote it better.

Sean Malstrom: 'Birdmen and the Casual Fallacy'
Slightly lunatic, extremely fascinating rant on casual gaming, Nintendo, etc - via Dubious Quality.

Three Wishes: Game Genie Grants Developers Their Hearts' Desires from
'If you could, at the wave of a magic wand, overcome some technological hurdle in game development, what would it be?' Neat people reply!

Functional Autonomy » Blog Archive » Under The Mask: Games Culture
Transcript of a phenomenally good lecture on gaming culture by David Hayward. Read it.

Habitat Chronicles: Reputation Patterns for Everyone
'During almost five years working on these tools and ecosystems, I developed several rules-of-thumb about how and when to use devices such as points, ranking, ratings, reviews and especially when not to use them.'