Starting up the midweek shoesaw of highlights from Gamasutra and our other sites, there's a pretty large amount of neatstuff already - headed off by retired Supreme Court Justice O'Connor (pictured) frontlining an educational game about American courts (we'd like to think she'll be a bit like an EA Sports cover-star), and Insomniac revealing new East-Coast digs.

Also in here - good quality chats with the Konami folks about Metal Gear Solid 4 and a giganto Bungie & Halo 3-related megafeature, plus the triumphant return of the Gamasutra Podcast, with Tom Kim quizzing GameCity's Iain Simons in his signature fashion.

And them's the news:

G4C: Justice O'Connor Announces Our Courts Learning Game
"At the closing keynote of the Games For Change conference, retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor announced that she is collaborating with game and education leaders from Georgetown Law School to create Our Courts, an upcoming online civics learning program for middle school students."

In-Depth: Insomniac Talks New North Carolina Studio
"Ratchet & Clank and Resistance developer Insomniac has revealed plans to open a new studio in North Carolina in 2009 - Gamasutra speaks in detail with founder/CEO Ted Price and new NC studio director Chad Dezern about the deal and the state of the developer."

Game Law: Get Your Pigs in a Row!
"As a developer, how do you plan the next game while completing the existing one? Veteran game lawyer/consultant Tom Buscaglia examines snakes eating pigs, metaphorically, for the answer."

Q&A: Konami's Payton, Imaizumi Look Back On Metal Gear Solid 4's Creation
"On the eve of Metal Gear Solid's release, Gamasutra sits down with producer Ken Imaizumi and AP Ryan Payton to look back on the game's creation, its eschewing of vertical slice development, and the reality that Grand Theft Auto IV is a "hard act to follow"."

Gamasutra Podcast Talks With GameCity Director Iain Simons
"Should publishers put creators forward to talk about the game-making process, rather than simply promoting product? In the return of the Gamasutra podcast, Tom Kim talks to GameCity festival director Iain Simons about making the industry more palatable to a wider audience, and what the future of his UK-based game festival holds."

Q&A: CyberConnect2's Matsuyama On Naruto Tech, Plans
"Japanese .hack creator CyberConnect2 is also noted for its series of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja games, and with its cel-shaded PS3 Naruto debut due later this year, Gamasutra talked to CyberConnect2 president Hiroshi Matsuyama about technology, game engines, and developing for the Western market."

Bungie In 2008: Reflecting On Halo 3, Moving Beyond
"With Halo creator Bungie newly independent, Gamasutra sits down with staffers Brian Jarrard, Mike Zak and Chris Butcher to discuss the creation of Halo 3 and the company's attitude going forward."

G4C Keynote: Zimmerman, Gee On World Changing Games
"How best can games be used to affect real world change, and what do developers have to address to make their games more engaging? At the keynote of the ongoing Games For Change conference, James Paul Gee and Eric Zimmerman spoke broadly about the power of games as a learning device."

Q&A: Trion On Platform, Von Caneghem MMO, Sci-Fi Channel Deal
"Online world firm Trion World Network has revealed its first projects - including a Jon Von Caneghem-helmed fantasy themed MMO, and a Sci-Fi Channel co-developed online game to intertwine with a TV series, plus PS3 certification - and Gamasutra talks with CEO Lars Buttler and Van Caneghem for full details."

Games For Health: What Rex Ronan Teaches Us About Health Education
"At the recent Games For Health conference, academic Cynthia Bates referenced games from The Oregon Trail through Super Nintendo anti-smoking game Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon to discuss how games have educated on health, and how they might do so in the future."