Ah yeah, midweek maelstroms, and this time we have a gigantic range of neatness - starting off with a new retro game bar opening in Tokyo, and going progressively off/on the rails from there.

Other things to be highlighted - a new book about professional gaming, some fascinating free-to-play MMO stats in terms of revenue, ARG mistress Jane McGonigal at the New Yorker Conference, and, uhhh, 'America's Best Game Designer'.

Tweaking, graphics, level Z:

Canned Dogs » Blog Archive » Video Game Bar “A-Button” to open in Akihabara
'Game Bar A-button will be the first game bar to start in Akihabara opening on the 10th of July.'

Vintage Computing and Gaming | Archive » [ Retro Scan of the Week ] Hand-to-Handheld Combat
'This richly illustrated advertisement for Irem’s R-Type and Kung-Fu Master on the Game Boy made me bristle with excitement as a kid.'

Amazon.com: Game Boys: Professional Videogaming's Rise from the Basement to the Big Time: Michael Kane: Books
'The author follows two video-gaming teams, Team 3D and CompLexity, as they battle for supremacy in the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL)'

Successful MMOGs can see $1-2 in monthly ARPU « Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog
Really interesting post on free-to-play online game revenues - Daniel James confirms $1.50 per Puzzle Pirates user ($350k total!) per month in comments, for starters.

Shoot The Core: Who's up for some Bugsrider?
Yep, English-language version (pictured) of a shmup-based MMO.

The Ghost of Print Media | OXM ONLINE
'You can disbelieve in print magazines, but it doesn't actually invalidate them or make them go away.'

MMOG Nation » Why Beckett’s Top 20 List is a Complete Load
In which we find out SirBruce, one of the wackiest guys in the MMO landscape (MMOGChart creator/disappearer, then re-appearer), was the primary author.

Avant Game: VIDEO: Saving the real world through game design
'Here's a video of the entire 20 minute quickfire talk/interview [ARG creator Jane McGonigal] gave at the 2008 New Yorker Conference: Stories from the Near Future.'

Determined to foment a rebellion - Well, they've done it - America's Next Best Game Designer
'Lamont Pete Entertainment and Dick Clark Productions, the producers of "American Bandstand" and "Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Christmas Eve" are casting "America's Next Best Game Designer."'

Game-Ism: 'One More Notch Into the Mainstream'
Discussing Street Fighter IV sponsoring the CBS MMA fights.