Yesh, the weekend brings spirit and unwork and a whole bunch extra GameSetLinks, headed out by a totally odd Gamasutra commenting experience and Tim Rogers' latest completely freeform hack through a game review on Action Button, huzzah.

Also suspended in here like Christmas decorations on Tim Berners-Lee's tree - 1UP takes a look at weird peripherals that you might possibly use to game with, and IGDA columnist Jim Charne takes a look at evil, evil software patents waiting to destroy your game, allegedly.

Double triple go:

Sexy Videogameland: Truth is Stranger Than Fanfiction
On an odd Gamasutra commenter - we've noticed this going on, and are perplexed, in a slightly voyeuristic way.

ACTION BUTTON!!: Tim Rogers reviews Call Of Duty 4
'I’ve said, before, that games can perhaps never be “art” because I seriously can’t think of a single game that some jerk can’t just pick up and immediately tilt the right analog stick to one side, cackling as the camera spins in circles.' Gloriously OT.

Six Technologies That May Shape PC Gaming's Future from
Fun stuff, including the inevitable Novint Falcon - psst, 1UP, I think your features-only RSS feed is busted.

Law of the Game on Joystiq: Legal machinations of machinima - Joystiq
Good piece on legality of machinima - via Free Pixel. on the Japanese 'moe' version of the Daisenryaku WWII game series
'That is a Nazi in a bikini spreading suntan lotion on a (I assume) British soldier.' Oh dear.

IGDA - Famous Last Words - 'Submarine Patents'
About silly patents that are '...generally unknown, lurking below the surface, and appear unexpectedly to torpedo games, publishers, and developers who may have unknowingly (or otherwise) infringed.'

VerticalWire - Novastrike debuts for PSN
'NOVASTRIKE is also going to be the first self-published game on the PLAYSTATION®Network' - true for North America, at least, and as I've discussed voluminously, interesting that it took this long.

Disney Buying Storytelling Social Net FanLib; DigiSynd in Process |
Wow, Disney buying fanfic site - interesting user-generated content ramifications.

Los Angeles Times's new technology blog
Has Alex Pham writing on games sometimes, def. worth checking out.

Linger In Shadows and the PS3 Demoscene : Edge
Nice to see someone else in the game scene covering the demo scene.

Eegra: Updates five times a week. Usually. : Tips for Games Journalists
Quick everyone, Google to see who made these mistakes in the first place - I'm eating, shooting, and leaving before I find out any of them are me.