Apart from wandering around the super nouveau riche Blackhawk Automotive Museum this weekend - yay, 'Big Daddy' Roth cars - we've been preparing a new sister blog for GameSetWatch, which'll be launching in the next couple of days to fill a Lazyweb-style niche - something it was bugging me that the web didn't have.

So we have that to look forward to - in the meantime, here's a raft of links, including some WiiWare high harshing, some general media evolution mini-quakes I figured the GSW audience should care about, and THQ's Lock's Quest (pictured) showing that Western DS titles aren't all High School Musical and Chipmunks, or what have you.

Cha cha charming:

Xiotex Studios ยป WiiWare is a lie
Complaint from a relatively experienced one-man programming shop who was rejected for WiiWare - makes me wonder if they are starting to get inundated.

Chris' Survival Horror Quest: 'Nanashi No Geemu'
Iinteresting, Square-related DS horror game weirdness: 'You're playing a game, a NES-era RPG by the look of it, that seems to be affecting, or perhaps reflecting, your real life.'

Big Download Blog - BigDownload.com
New PC/download-related blog from the Joystiq folks, looks quite indie friendly, excellent.

Trials 2 Interview and Compo | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Steam were smart to pick this up, and RPS are correctly on the 'cool PC game' bandwagon again. Tastemakers!

Not The Newspaper As You Know It: Tribune Plans Vast Changes, Cutting Pages, Jobs | paidContent.org
Shows the massive issues traditional journalism still has when fighting against the Internet's near-infinite page views, monetization.

Indie Games - Players Only - Digital Trends Videos
Bit of a mishmash of interviews, but some good stuff in here on the rise of indie.

Wandering Goblin: 'The WoW-Playing Congressional Candidate'
'I have three characters, all Horde and in Alexstrasza: a 70 Orc hunter...' Not bad!

Jolie confidants: 'ET' knew twins source fake - CNN.com
Interesting from a media veracity perspective - I think the Associated Press are pretty pissed off, having picked up a report Entertainment Tonight maybe have known to be false.

Kotaku: 'Impressions: Lock's Quest Mixes Old-School With Innovative Ideas'
Myself and Sheffield both correctly guessed this title (pictured) is from 5th Cell, the Drawn To Life developers - neat, some alt.DS action for a change.

The Machine That Changed the World: Great Brains - Waxy.org
Former GSW guestblogger Andy Baio still digging out vital early-computing documentaries, posting online.