- Aha, GameSetLinks makes it to the weekend, and this set of ten multitudinous links is headed by some more info on Q's upcoming PixelJunk Eden, which I'm definitely looking forward to, in an abstract type way.

Also wandering around in here - a look at Introversion's Multiwinia, the Dundee game gathering that's full of Jam, a chat with Takayoshi Sato, the new Amusement magazine, and lots more carefully extracted information from 'the Internet'.

Going. For. Gold:

Siliconera » PixelJunk Eden as a testing ground for future PS3 tech
'Q Games is equipping the game with rumble, remote play, YouTube video sharing, and for the first time ever mysterious “trophies”.' Wow.

Tale of Tales » Interview with Takayoshi Sato
Sato, who we've interviewed before for Gamasutra, is really a lost genius - someone needs to set him up to direct an indie game.

GameSpy: Social Gaming Summit: Fun with People
Good to see GameSpy doing something a little off the beaten track for them.

Dobbs Challenge - Critic's Choice Part 1
Wow, these are non-winners - there were really a lot of decent hardworkin' entries to our competition in the end.

Valleywag: 'Exits: Stewart Butterfield's bizarre resignation letter to Yahoo'
The Game Neverending => Flickr => Yahoo! supremo departs in fine style. Anyone got good game biz resignation letters they wanna send me?

Dundee Game Jam #2 - "Build"
Some really interesting one-day games downloadable here by Scottish game devs and assorted strange people.

Gamasutra - Game Career Seminar Returns To 2008 E For All Show
GCG's Jill Duffy and other colleagues are putting on the educational mini-conf at E For All again this year, should be neat.

RPS Exclusive: Multiwinia Hands-on | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
The art style continues to hold up really well - stylized is the future.

The Political Scene: One Angry Man: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker
Fascinating on Keith Olbermann, absolutely relevant to game journalism because polarized opinions are also segmenting readership here, too.

mbf [email protected]: Amusement Issue 1, when EDGE meets Monocle
Ah, the very avant French game mag has launched: 'Amusement. Videogames. Interaction. Style. Inspiration.'