- Ah yes, end of the weekend, time to start up the GameSetLinks again - some of which are hanging around from late last week, so apologies for the vintage, in a couple of cases.

But most of them are pretty good fun, and reasonably timeless - notably The-Inbetween on 'judgy gaming', plus more 'World Ends With You' love and faux fanfiction for totally obscure Japanese period face-smiting gaming. Like it.

Ready, steady, cook:

the-inbetween.com: 'Judgy Gaming'
'I wonder if the mainstreaming of videogames warrants a re-evaluation of the failure responses they generate.'

Kotaku: 'Gallery: Magical Segata Sanshiro Mullet Makes Rambo Return'
This is all kinds of awesome silliness re: Sega arcade gun game.

Eegra: Rose and Camellia Fan Fiction - Chapter Three
Wow, deliciously obscure dojin game riff.

How Can We Do It Differently? - The Quixotic Engineer
More raves for Square Enix's 'The World Ends With You', this time with bullet points of differentiated features.

Day By Day - This Year in Games: Jan-May 2008 | The New Gamer
More people should keep gamelogs, it's interesting.

Water Cooler Games - Sun's 'Identity Hero'
'The game is cute and high production value, but more importantly it does what so few advergames bother to do: it simulates (albeit abstractly) the features and functions of the product advertised.'

Insertcredit.com on 'Genmu no Tou to Tsurugi no Okite'
My insano co-worker Mr. Sheffield on a first-person DS Japanese dungeon-crawler with a super-duper retro mode and other neeeat things.

Old and New: Aging Games and You « High Dynamic Range Lying
'Could it not then be said that what changes over time is not the game, but ourselves?'

Videogame Sex | GameCulture
Double whammy of amusing videos about, uhh, sex/games.

Beckett Massive Online Gamer announces 20 most influential in MMO biz
Hey, Beckett had a good idea - good for them!