Time to spool out the GameSetLinks again, this time headed by the macabre little indie title Execution, and what Ludus Novus thinks it tells us about games as an artform.

Elsewhere in this majestic mess, mind you, there's an MSNBC article on rapid indie game prototyping, Watercooler Games on art-game reflect, feedback from an excellent recent 1UP dinnercast, and much more.

Reddy, steddy, teddy:

Ludus Novus :: Execution: Changing Games Forever
Further discussion (and spoilers, be careful) on the odd experimental game.

LinkUp: Wii Boxing the Arts | The New Gamer
All these are good (McSweeney's on Guitar Hero, a cello-playing Flash game), so I'm linking the linklog again.

Great games created on insane deadlines - Citizen Gamer- msnbc.com
More indie-centric goodness from MSNBC, this time about Purho, Gabler and the 'prototype quickly' ilk.

PressSpotting: Bias or no bias? - Video News Spots - GameSpot
Some interesting quotes, I would have liked to see a bigger subject split between comments on news and game reviews, as hinted at in the intro.

Tynan Sylvester » Blog Archive » Player League - Release!
Aha, Tynan releases his experimental game about 'picking up chicks'.

such things that never was: Oh, wow...
Really odd TV-related tale from Surfer's Girl 'unreleased media' blog, so maybe she's still lurking somewhere, eh?

WoS: 'The Wonderful World of Bruce Everiss'
Of interest to people who know Stuart, J. Nash, and Bruce Everiss and have any idea what is going on here. So just the RPS editors then!

Water Cooler Games - Reflect, an Art Game
...in which "the player first observes movement from the creature's perspective, then attempts to mimic."

Single Auteur vs Collaboration « Double Buffered
Discussing a recent 1UP Show w/Wolpaw, Cuthbert, Mak, and the resulting discussion: 'I think there are VERY few real auteurs, and many more false auteurs who will take you down the road to ruin.'

chewing pixels » Single Format Gaming Future #2
'The makers of the ‘Alternavita’ platform have managed to create a large scale 3D environment for use in browser windows that’s somewhere in between PSOne and PlayStation 2 texture quality and polygon count.'