- Time for another bumper set of GameSetLinks, again extended to 15 links (just count the quality!) as we frantically try to get back on track and not serve ze rotten fish to you, timing-wise.

Some neatness in here includes Alex Trowers talking Bullfrog history (the original home of the Molyneuxtor, lest we forget), as well as some overlooked hints about what the return of the Gizmondo might involve, Double Fine Comics, Tom Chick getting his own Sci-Fi-backed blog playground, and all kinds of other insanity.

You have twenty seconds to comply:

Gaming Verdict - Article: Alex Trowers - The Bullfrog Story Part 1
V. neat history in progress of the seminal Britsoft developer - via RPS.

FPR: Carl Freer Buys the IPR Assets of Gizmondo Europe Ltd in Liquidation
Yes, the return is nigh - selling to someone who helped sink it in the first place is... interesting.

Media Power Inc. Donates $5 Million for Augmented Reality Research at Georgia Tech
Not sure anyone has spotted this - 'augmented reality', $5 million, alert, alert - this is clearly the Gizmondo AR tech trying to get rebooted. That's a gigantic research grant, too.

Nerdcore: 'Double Fine Action Comics by Scott C'
With forward by Schafer. Geek out!

Fidgit - new Sci-Fi Channel game blog
Not really about sci-fi games, edited by QT3's Tom Chick, bizarro world!

GameSetWatch - COLUMN: 'Game Mag Weaseling': Mag Roundup 5/31/08 - comments
Notable because PlayStation Official Mag reviewer of MGS4, Rob Smith, chimed in that Konami gave him no restrictions on what he could mention in his review - unlike some other outlets.

Japan's Hotshot Game Designers Bet on Indie Gore | Game | Life from Wired.com
'Everyone watched as a good chunk of Sega's marketing budget, that exactly two years ago would have been spent on a massive E3 booth, literally went up in smoke.' Awesome line, Kohler.

Anti-Feministing: Debunking The Argument Against GTA IV
'I think Rockstar's core tenet, actually, is to force people to consider moral depravity, not to beg them to embrace it.' Meh, I kinda disagree. They hint that you should embrace it to advance in the game, perhaps. But love ya anyhow, Leigh!

GameSpot News: 'PressSpotting: The May Round-up'
Def. a good column, def. lost in the clutter at GameSpot.

Player vs. Everything: Online Games and Sex - Massively
Fun essay - unfortunately Massively has too many posts for me to follow regularly, doh.

THE BEAT » Blog Archive » Tokyopop: Hey, dude, totally bad contract!
The comics blogosphere deconstructs a much-decried TokyoPop comics contract - interesting to compare/contrast to game contracts - here's the other side of the argument, though.

The Escapist : Inside Job: Revisiting Quality of Life
Erin Hoffman looks at feedback on the recent Gamasutra article on QoL which interviews her (as EA_Spouse).

What's New in Indie [May Edition] by Game Tunnel
Still hanging in there, with Noitu Love 2 and other notables.

MTV Multiplayer » Capcom, Sony, Media Debate Possible Reviewer Neglect Of Downloadable Console Games
I somewhat think reviewing, as a concept, is rapidly decentralizing now, but it's interesting to see what's NOT being covered as its relevance grinds to a halt.

NCSX Video Games and Toys: ' 13-Sai no Hello Work DS'
More DS productivity software, this time... mini-games to teach kids what they want to be when they grow up?