Totally, totally the weekend, and in between the Spore fun we're attempting to have in the Bay Area haze - and watching some completely eviscerating Doug Stanhope stand-up - there are links to be disseminated, damn you.

Highlights? Kyle Orland poking vigorously at Qore, the return of the (pictured) grizzled game journalism originator Bill Kunkel, the Star Wars Galaxies splintering still causing intense pain, and other things that I've found, and that you might want to see.

Un deux trois:

Avant Game: Chaotic Community (UPDATED)
In ARGS, 'sandbox mode can create interesting -- and sometimes contentious -- intersections of personal gameplay style.'

GameSpot News: 'PressSpotting: Qore values'
Orland: 'A confusing hybrid of advertising and editorial that often ends up feeling more like the former than the latter.'

Clickable Culture: 'How Do Web Game Monetization Venues Compare?'
'Ryan Creighton of Untold Entertainment is doing a little experiment to compare an array of monetization venues for his Flash-based mini-game Two by Two.'

chewing pixels » ‘A Positive-Thinking Animal Who Just Keeps Going Forward’
Discussing, "one of the best-executed ‘experience’ sites I’ve seen", Web-based 2D/3D game-ish fun.

8bitrocket: And The Return Of Bill Kunkel, The Game Doctor
Awesome, it's not RSS-able, sigh, but great to see the pioneering Kunkel writing online again.

Nerve Blogs - 61FPS: 'Developer Journal part 1: Beat Me Up Too'
Making an indie game, from a Nerve game blog I was unaware of - via Eegra.

In Which I try to speak honestly about history |
Dan Rubenfield on possibly the most traumatic event in MMO history - the Star Wars Galaxies attempted reboot.

Good Apollo, Dear God The Internet It Burns IV: Srsly, Dude « Broken Toys
Oh, wait, more on the Rubenfield SW:G fallout.

youdiditwrong - Important announcement
'Stop saying that Spore has been in development for eons.' I stand by this - I think Spore is still one of the longest in development titles from public demo (GDC 2005, even if just a prototype) to final release.

GamerBytes - GamerBytes Adds System-Specific RSS Feeds
In case you're an XBLA or PSN (or WiiWare!)-only freak and you wanna read our new console digital download blog. Yay.