Bonjour toujours, and welcome to another delightful install of GameSetLinks, this time started off by JayIsGames checking out the PC version of delicious puzzler Tower Bloxx.

(Actually, I forgot until Googling that Gamasutra actually has a postmortem of the cellphone version, FWIW!)

Also wandering around here - a bloody Bourne Conspiracy pen, more Mega64 ridiculousness than you can shake a stick at, a look at German politics vs. games, and color palette choices in the biz of late. Yes, palettes. Stop looking at me funny.

Beige it up:

Tower Bloxx Deluxe mini-review: Jay is Games
The mobile version of this title (yay Finns!) was pretty neat, also interesting to see mobile => casual on original IP.

Who Stole All the Colours? | Quiet Babylon
On gaming palettes, and the reason for drabness: 'I think that publishers have convinced developers that the game buying public is composed almost entirely of teenage boys.'

Tom vs. Bruce #13: Star Chamber from
Enormously entertaining CGW/GFW vs. columns (duo pictured!), still gradually being posted on 1UP.

Project Origins « The Space Oddity
Surfer Girl's spiritual offspring on pre-announcement names for games: 'Destroy All Humans was originally called Grand Theft Human.'

Intelligent Artifice » German Ministry of Foreign Affairs + Computer Games = ?
It appears that "...the political establishment in Germany is not much more enlightened than in the U.K", doh.

The Cut Scene - Video Game Blog by Variety: Creepiest schwag ever
'Along with my copy of "The Bourne Conspiracy" came this faux-bloody pen.' Ew.

Mega64: new Assassin's Creed skit
Awesome. Wait, and I also missed the new Alien Hominid HD ad, plus Marcus' Corner Episode 3, with Jessica Chobot and Becky Young. Sorry, Mega64, I've failed you.

Danny Cowan finds, shreds the tie-in comic to the TDK horror.

The Second "New Book Being Published" Announcement! | Armchair Arcade
Congrats to Loguidice and Barton - I didn't even know about Hiive's other books, either - The Commodore 64 Book - 1982 to 199x and The ZX Spectrum Book - 1982 to 199x.

Pioneer KURO Lofts - Matt Morgan (Naughty Dog) interview
Not including these Pioneer things to hype them, just pointing out that it's cool a big electronics company is getting game developers to talk about their visual work - shows prestige of biz nowadays.