Ah yes, a return for some further GameSetLinks, headed by another look at the iPhone app Trism - a game whose popularity feeds into the concept that the iPhone could be a DS 'killer' - which isn't actually true, since they serve different markets, but is an interesting thought.

Also in this set of links - the McDonalds ad based on Line Rider, a good longform piece on the rise of games as a 'human product', and the TriForce scooping the world in, uh, badly drawn sketches of theoretical things. Investigative journalism!

Avast, and away:

YouTube - Trism for the iPhone : Second Look!
You may remember we raved about this a while back - looks like it's gonna be pretty interesting, though the video is a little marketing-y for me, sorry.

Battle of the brain games: Lumos Labs raises $3 million, Fit Brains debuts » VentureBeat
VCs are digging brain games, it seems.

Original Nintendo Stadium Events Cartridge | NES | gameSniped.com
Wow, $1800 for a single non-prototype NES cartridge.

The Triforce » Blog Archives » PS3 Wiimote Exclusive!
Cutting edge Internet journalism FTW!

Cover story: 'Rage against the machines' by Tom Chatfield | Prospect Magazine June 2008 issue 147
Excellent external perspective on the rise of gaming: 'games are human products, and lie within our control.' Via Driph.

YouTube - McDonald's Line Rider Commercial (30 secs)
Hey, it's the big time for Line Riding, innit?

Vertigames: 'More'
'Everybody wants their game, whether the one they’re making or the one they’re playing, to be jam-packed to the gills with stuff. Why?'

Pictures For Truth - official site.
Amnesty International game about the Beijing Olympics and human rights, interesting - tho slightly browse and language-mangling, hee.

The Jace Hall Show - official website
So the ex-Monolith/WB boss is doing a web show for Crackle.com which "...will feature celebs like Christina Milian and Wilmer Valderamma as they hang out with Jace and channel their inner video game geeks", a PR tells me. Oop, and it's just debuted, with a Duke Nukem gameplay preview, or something wacky. Very odd.

Digital Eel on the 'Weird Worlds' free soundtrack release
Yay, free weird music from weird indie stalwarts - also that Dominion 3 banner ad (keep reloading!) is AWESOME.