- Yep, time for some more GameSetLinks, headed up by Electronic Arts' fascinating Hong Kong product showcase, as photographed by those nice import-crazy guys at SiliconEra.

Also in here - Russell Carroll on difficulty in games, hard sci-fi writers on how much D&D means to them, and MSNBC going crazy happy over the independent games movement, yay.

Also, I somehow got behind in the GameSetLink-age, so it's gonna be 15 links per round-up til we're up to date again, blimey.

To the stars:

ScottishGames.biz: White Space Is Open For Ideas
Some good progressive state-supported stuff going on in Scotland, then.

BBC NEWS | Technology | How games will change the world
'How long before you find yourself proudly appending your Brain Training data or your Hexic high scores to an online application form?'

Top Ten Classes In MMOs « Broken Toys
MMO developers, that is - cheeky man.

Music Catch: A Game of Music And Catching | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Hey, this is neat. Thanks RPS!

Siliconera » Electronic Arts as a tourist attraction, inside the EA Experience
Interesting, a Hong Kong showcase store just for EA games/merchandise.

Play This Thing! | 'Eminent Game Designers'
Oo, a list to poke at!

6 Differences - Splitting the Difference | The New Gamer
'6 Differences is a truly modern difference puzzle. Instead of cartoonish scrawls developer Ivory Boy sets a mood.'

Siliconera » Rock out with Detroit Metal City and D3 Publisher
'D3 Publisher picked up the rights to Detroit Metal City, a Japanese manga about Negishi Souichi who becomes a death metal singer.' Music game thrash DS alert (pictured)!

My Influential Women List - Random Encounters
Always good to see an alternative to the Gamasutra list, some good picks there.

Mockingbird - The Game Making Game
Neat, super simple web-based game making tool - lots of irreverent mash-ups are easy to make, one suspects.

Video Games Business & Marketing: Take it Easy on Me - Difficulty in Games
'Developers who have played the game over and over don't realize just how much harder it is for the average player to do what has become second nature to those who created the game.'

Clarkesworld Magazine » Of Dice and Men: Modern Fantasists and the Influence of Role Playing Games
Pen and paper gaming, mainly, but China Mieville and some other neat folks talk D&D and their fiction - via GamePlayWright.

davidjaffe.biz: Hmm....I dunno...
Interesting musings on games + deeper meanings, pointing to wider history: 'there's not alot- anything?- that I can point to in my board/card game collection that evokes deep philosophical discourse and/or deep, emotional release.'

I heart indie games — and you should too - Citizen Gamer- msnbc.com
More mainstream love for the indie games movement, including brief quotes from me, yay.

auntie pixelante › glitchds
Oo, 'a sequencer for the ds that uses conway’s game of life to generate music' - and a new sample pack uses material from my old Amiga .MOD buddy Mortimer Twang, too!