- A little more GameSetLink-age as the week continues, then, and I'm heading things out with the announcement of Topspin, a company in the music space which looks to help independent artists do digital (and bonus physical) distribution bundles and loyalty-related 'clubs' easily - they already helped out Nine Inch Nails and are working with The Dandy Warhols and a bunch of other independent artists now.

As I note in the link description below, this is worth looking at closely because I don't really see anyone in the game biz doing similar loyalty-based deals - possibly because games take a lot longer to make, mind you, but I think there's some kind of angle in users signing up for a year, or two years of your output as a game design (especially if you're doing shortform games), and getting other perks too. Think about it, hmm?

Time for change:

Topspin » Unveiling Topspin
Absolutely a big deal that should be CAREFULLY looked at by the indie/mainstream game biz - Ian Rogers' new company is not just albums, it's artist-centric subscriptions with physical extras too. (Via Waxy)

The Independent Gaming Source on 'The Sims Carnival'
Mentioned this before briefly, but Rod Humble is trying to do a DIY indie game tool (open to all) within EA, which is v.interesting - a lot of plagiarized content so far, but you never know.

Pitchfork: Crystal Castles Respond to Chip Music Controversy
'Time to call off the witch-hunt?'

IGN: 8 Bit Weapon/ Reset Generation Soundtrack Album Download
The returned N-Gage (inside smartphones, this time, not the taco) has a chiptune soundtrack to its highest profile game - for free download, too.

Trends in Japan » 5 Second Stadium teaches you to count to five
Bizarre stopwatch game: 'After a while, deep down you’ll know instantly whether it’s been five seconds or not. Probably.'

Consolized AtomisWave System - JAMMA Neo Geo MVS Sammy - eBay
Interesting concept - console-ized versions of arcade boards with TV outputs wired into them, don't see that too often separately from SuperGuns.

Consolized PGM System by IGS • JAMMA Arcade Neo Geo MVS - eBay
Wow, OK, far more obscuro-cool! (The IGS PGM has been a minor obsession of mine thanks to its obscureness.)

Rooster Teeth · 'Supreme Surrender Episode 1'
New from Red Vs. Blue, helping to promote Supreme Commander on Xbox 360 - interesting. Via Wired News.

the-inbetween.com [ Inside ‘Puzzle Farter’ ]
An important franchise deconstructed.

Ben Boos: SWORDS: An Artist's Devotion
Just got sent a copy of this - a lavish hardback children's book about swords from an-ex Blizzard staffer (a fact they're using in the publicity, interestingly) who worked on Diablo II.