- Ah yes, the GameSetLink-age, it does continue, and today we're starting out with Peter Travers actually devoting a lot of his Rolling Stone film column to why Grand Theft Auto is important, even to, uhh, the film column.

Of course, why games can't have their own big column in Rolling Stone every week is another issue altogether, but let's just content ourselves with checking out the other links, which include a Chicago Tribune look at the arcade industry as it is today, a pretty amusing Gamasutra job posting, and a plethora of other videos, text links, and ephemera.

Stumbling towards OK-ness:

Is Grand Theft Auto IV Actually the Best Popcorn Movie of the Summer? : Rolling Stone
This was printed over 1 and a half pages in the latest Rolling Stone - so somewhat of a big deal.

Kokoromi Collective - Cum on feel the game
Steve Swink's book cover - from meh to yay, thanks to Fez co-creator Phil Fish!

Gamasutra Jobs: Unscripted Ventures' random job ad that made me boggle
Nice job title, at least, for effect: 'Wanted: Part Patton, Part Elvis (If either were alive and fronting as a senior game executive)'

GameDaily: 'Media Coverage: The Seven Deadly Sins of Video Game Reviewing'
Ah, Mastrapa launches into the fray.

Hell's Kitchen PC casual game review: Jay is Games
As some commenters note, a CG Gordon Ramsay is seriously disturbing.

Siliconera » Origins of Agetec’s Women’s Volleyball
I wonder how this will sell in the West.

Zune gets in tune with L.A. - Los Angeles Times
Much as Nokia has a theater in New York, some interesting attempted hipster event branding for Zune.

Video arcades' last gasp -- chicagotribune.com
Well-written from an outsider's point of view - via GBGames.

Independent Creator: 'Designing Your Respawn System'
A mini-post with a really cute lolcats-y illustration (pictured) from an ex-Doublefine indie blogger I was unaware of - ta Brandonnn.

YouTube - "Green Blues" The Incredible Hulk Video Game
Industry music veteran, Captains Of The Chess Team band member (and my old co-worker) Scott Snyder goofs off with a grunge-y music video about the Hulk's new game incarnation. 'Hulk Smash', etc.