- Time to finish rounding up some of the original stories on big sister site Gamasutra and related sites during the week, for your delectation - headed by David Sirlin's entertaining deconstruction of the Kongai CCG he designed for Kongregate.com.

Also in here - Atari's Phil Harrison being exceedingly on-topic, some really fun historical stuff towards the end of the Roger Hector chat, World Of Warcraft's 'corrupted blood' research, and much more.

Ready, steady, cook:

An Achievement-Centered Online CCG? Designing Kongai
"In this in-depth design article, game designer and balancer (Street Fighter II HD Remix) David Sirlin explains his methodology in designing intriguing achievement-based 'metagame' CCG Kongai for Flash game site Kongregate."

Q&A: Phil Harrison On Why Atari Is Softening Its Hardcore Focus
"During a recent Alone in the Dark event, Gamasutra sat down with recently-appointed Infogrames president Phil Harrison to discuss what the game means for the company - and why it may be one of the last hardcore, single-player titles publisher Atari releases."

Q&A: Kuju America's Kavanagh Talks Launch, Wii Debut
"UK-based Kuju Entertainment (Battalion Wars) recently opened a new San Francisco studio - Gamasutra talks to studio head John Kavanagh about the expansion, his biz history, and Kuju America's first title, a mysterious Wii conversion of an arcade title."

EA, WildTangent, uWink Talk Lessons From Asia, New Revenue Streams
"At a recent panel at Wedbush Morgan's Management Access Conference, panelists including EA's Kathy Vrabeck and Atari founder Nolan Bushnell tackled wide-ranging industry issues, from lessons learned from Asian mobile successes, to targeting and monetizing games in ways other than being asked to "pay $60 or go to hell.""

A Veteran With Character: Roger Hector Speaks
"Namco VP of development Roger Hector is overseeing the new U.S. development teams for the veteran Japanese publisher, and discusses Afro Samurai, original IP, and his fascinating industry history in this Gamasutra interview."

Q&A: CDV's Kroll On 'Games For Windows' Effectiveness
"Just how valuable is the Games For Windows initiative to publishers? Gamasutra talks with Mario Kroll, marketing director for publisher CDV (Sacred 2: Fallen Angel), who says that while the branding is an important consumer tool, its effectiveness at ensuring compatibility is still in question."

GFH: The Real Life Lessons Of WoW's Corrupted Blood
"What can WoW's 'Corrupted Blood' pandemic teach researchers about real world disease control? In a fascinating session at the recent Games For Health conference, Tufts' Nina Fefferman, Ph.D compared in-game behavior to real-life counterparts and said she'd like to use more virtual world players as her 'guinea pigs.'"

Q&A: Creating Intrigue In Prototype's Open Worlds
"In this in-depth Q&A, Gamasutra talks with Radical senior producer Tim Bennison to see what the developer hopes to contribute to the open-world genre and storytelling with its forthcoming Prototype, the challenges in creating sandbox games, and why pitching such a project is nearly as hard as developing it."

Microsoft's Kim: 'Our Competitors Don’t Recognize The Importance Of Relationships'
"As part of a wide-ranging opening keynote at the ongoing Vancouver International Games Summit, Microsoft Game Studios head Shane Kim contended that the company had an advantage with third parties because "our competitors don’t recognize the importance of relationships" - plus, more on working with Rare, Bungie and Japanese developers."