- Time to round up some of the top posts on big sister site Gamasutra (with a smattering of others from sites we run such as Game Career Guide), and there's actually some interesting stuff hanging out today - headed by Chris Dahlen's interview with Jordan Weisman.

Weisman is probably one of the people slightly adjacent to the game industry who has had the most influence on it, thanks to his pen&paper RPG history (ahem, Shadowrun) and his pioneering of ARGs, so it was excellent to get his views down.

Elsewhere, there's a neat Jenova Chen piece, Ian Bogost on how games can be tactile, a cute Intellivision history, and a host of other smaller pieces.

Anyhow, feel free to peruse at your leisure:

Interview: Jordan Weisman
"Weisman's legendary resume spans FASA (Battletech), 42 Entertainment (I Love Bees) and now Smith & Tinker (game rights to Crimson Skies and Shadowrun) - Gamasutra presents a rare interview with him on design and inspiration." [NOTE: the Gamasutra news story highlighting one particular part of this feature is 'Weisman: Practice 'Planned Parenthood' With Your Game Franchises', an interesting concept!]

A History of Gaming Platforms: Mattel Intellivision
"Following up on their profiles of the Commodore 64, Vectrex, Apple II, and Atari 2600, game historians Loguidice and Barton examine the lifespan of Mattel's cult '80s console the Intellivision, from Astrosmash to AD&D and beyond."

Microsoft's Unangst: 'PC Will Always Be At The Center Of Innovation'
"What's the state of the Games For Windows initiative in 2008? Gamasutra talks to Microsoft's senior GFW director Kevin Unangst about the reception to the program, the PC Gaming Alliance, Games For Windows Live's versus Valve's Steam Community, and why PCs aren't (or shouldn't) end up too much like consoles."

Persuasive Games: Texture
"Author/designer Ian Bogost (Fatworld) looks at 'texture' in games - the art of connecting the virtual to the real via rumble and physical simulation, from Hard Drivin' to Rez and beyond."

GFH: Neils Clark On Moving Beyond 'Game Addiction'
"Following his recent Gamasutra feature on the subject, writer and researcher Neils Clark spoke at the ongoing 2008 Games for Health conference on game addiction -- from KoToR to World Of Warcraft and beyond."

Carry Small, Game Large: Big Shared Screen Multiplayer Gaming
"This technical article presents an intriguing 'shared gaming' concept, using a Java/Flash framework to allow mobile Internet devices to control a big-screen game with participants in the same location - details, source code within."

Finding A New Way: Jenova Chen And Thatgamecompany
"In this in-depth interview, thatgamecompany co-founder and fl0w designer Jenova Chen discusses his philosophy of abstract game design - and why making traditional games is "too easy" to dwell on."

Interview: Gameforge Talks Rise Of Web-Based MMO
"German game developer Gameforge has created the buzzed-about Civilization-like title Ikiriam to run solely in a web browser, and is now expanding operations to North America - we talk to the firm's Lars Koschin about the surprising rise of the browser-based MMO."

Results from James Portnow's Game Design Challenge: Mini Racing Games (GameCareerGuide)
"Design on paper mini games for a car racing game -- that was essentially your game design challenge, though what made it truly challenging were all the additional restrictions. Three fabulous submissions are featured here, along with three honorable mentions. Read on to find out what made the winning ideas stand out to James Portnow, a professional game designer."