- Aha, some more neat trinkets make their way to the surface in this latest GameSetLinks - headed by the (pictured) visualizations of Atari 2600 game code and data structures. Not sure how useful they are, but they sure are pretty!

Also in this set - game makers on death, Street Fighter references in Pulitzer Prize novels, and some really stupidly rare Nintendo cartridges, with prices only in the low five figures. Is the game cart market ever gonna reach the dizzy heights of the modern art market, I wonder?

Large sea creatures in formaldehyde:

Some Thoughts on Meaning and Games at Game Design Advance
'Games, then, are not like war. War is a bad game.'

Holy Grails Today | Proto-dev-grail-interesting auctions | gameSniped.com
Wow, some TOTALLY rare NES/SNES competition carts here - one for $12,000, ouch.

San Diego Republican Party Chairman's "Warez Dood" Past Surfaces | GameCulture
Wow, Strider/Fairlight is very... Conservative!

Phantasy Star Universe: The MAXIMUM ATTACK G Special site
This is cute, group goals of killed monsters unlock rewards for all - and it's up to 62 million in the challenge so far!

Play This Thing!: 'We're All Gamers Now'
A little Costikyan rah-rah: 'Let us break down the artificial barriers that separate us.' Most agreeable.

Orbus Gameworks: 'Great Book On Information Visualization'
Oo, hadn't seen the linked code/asset visualizations of Atari 2600 games before, v.cool.

Game Over: How Different Gamemakers Cope With Death from 1UP.com
'In videogames, there are but two certainties: death and boxes.' Cute.

The Ludologist » Blog Archive » The use of video game metaphors in contemporary fiction
A Pulitzer Prize-winning book using Street Fighter references? Thumbs up.

GameSpot News: 'PressSpotting: Grand Theft Coverage'
'As much as Grand Theft Auto IV is being hailed as a revolution in gaming, its release also seems to herald a revolution in mainstream coverage of gaming itself.'

Todd Alcott - Story structure: it's not just for movies anymore
A screenwriter on FPS story: 'The difference between Doom and Half-Life is that... Doom is a great game, but Half-Life is a great narrative.' Via GameShelf.