- Yes, in almost-weekend land there's still time for a brace of GameSetLinks, headed by Keith Boesky taking the Boom Blox co-creator to task for some game condemnation that might (or might not) be a little hypocritical.

Further down the list - some more fun promotion of Civilization Revolution, as well as academics GONE WILD and Jenova Chen's cloud-strewn IMs - all fun stuff.

To cite Prince, let's go crazy:

A Tree Falling in the Forest: C'mon Mr. Spielberg: You Gotta Be Kidding Edition
'With regard to [Jaws], his son is exhibiting the very behavior Mr. Spielberg fears from games.'

RPS Vs. Russians: The Stalin Vs. Martians Interview | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
'Alexander: Putin personally throws funny Russian people into jail. That’s why Russians are mostly dull and their take on computer games is 100% serious like they’re creating a nuclear bomb or something.'

osu! - official homepage
Free PC rhythm game '...based on the gameplay of the popular Nintendo DS series Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! and its overseas counterpart Elite Beat Agents.' With lots of fanmade levels using odd tunes, yay. Via IC!

JENOVA'S BLOG:Chat notes about Video Game, Art and Digital Medium
Some interesting IM scribblings from the Thatgamecompany co-founder.

Play Chronotron, a free online game on Kongregate
Interesting, some Braid-like time travel/storage elements in this Flash puzzle game - via Mzenke.

The Escapist : Quibus Lusoribus Bono? Who is Game Studies Good For?
Heh, taking Douglas Wilson's GameSetWatch article as a starting-point to rag on academikwak a bit.

Ian Bogost - A Response to Roger Travis
Mr. Bogost responds to the above academic-baiting Escapist article - which I agree does seem a little scattershot.

Shirt.Woot : 2K Games and Woot Team Up For Civilization Revolution Derby, Opening May 9
Awesome idea, thumbs up, 2K - that and the Shepard Fairey poster (pictured) are top marketing bonzo.

MTV Multiplayer » ‘Tetris’ License Holders Want You To Win One Million Dollars Playing Competitive ‘Tetris’
Tetris company co-founder Henk Rogers giving away the brim of his money hat, heehee.

insertcredit.com: 'News: Food in press releases'
ION Conference has great clam chowder, heh.