- Some more GameSetLink-age, then, starting out with GameTap's resurrection of an obscuro modem-only Genesis title, and its subsequent messageboard-based dissection, yay.

Also hanging out in here - the Atlantic City-based Adventure Gaming Expo (very suitable for Al Lowe's guest appearance, glitz-wise!), the inevitable Tetris/arm wrestling crossover, a Polybius-ish military/game crossover, and much more.

Anyhow, here we go:

GameTap : [WTF Wednesday] ROM Raiders Episode 1: Pyramid Magic
Frank continuing to bring an awesome SomethingAwful vibe to the GameTap forums - this interactive group-playing angle is killer.

Martin Ganteföhr - Interview - Adventure Classic Gaming
Some surprisingly complex storytelling discussion from a (relatlvely) obscure adventure game designer.

A Tree Falling in the Forest: The Mighty M: Reboot Edition
'Advocating a balanced portfolio of low risk licenses, medium risk sequels and and high risk original IP' for Midway to kickstart their renaissance.

8bitrocket.com: Did Atari Make A Version Of "Missile Command" For The Military?
'Today these conspiracies seem like little more than quaint fantasies, but in 1980’s, the era of Reagan, the USSR, War Games and Red Dawn, they were dead serious.'

Popfly Team Site: Popfly Introduces Game Creator Alpha
Interesting, Microsoft getting into build-your-own-game territory online.

The Amazing Brain Train - Grubby Games
'Fueled by your mental energy, Professor Fizzwizzle's Brain Train will take you on a brain-boosting adventure!' New casual PC-ness from the Dr. Dobbs game creators and indie stalwarts.

YouTube - A more friendly, tamer Grand Theft Auto game (Conan O'brien)
After his Rock Band skit, seems like Conan and his staff actually play games, woo.

2008 Adventure Gaming Expo in Atlantic City - official website
Al Lowe _and_ Scott Adams? Where do I sign up? Oh, there!

Braid Party! | metablog
More interestingly still: 'N+ reached 100k sales on XBLA!'

Tresling: Tetris + Arm Wrestling
EPIC WIN! Via Waxy.