- Back from the Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror at Disneyland, among other things, and am amused by how much Ion Storm's old offices (I think - see left!) actually remind me of it in that picture.

Anyhow, that's an oblique link into this set of GameSetLinks, which include some Ion reminiscences alongside Russell Carroll talking about innovation and fear, real cooking from Cookin' Mama 2, and Raph Koster examining the state of online worlds.

This, then, is the news:

Canned Dogs - Blog Archive - spike niconico channel launched
Japanese YouTube-like video sites may be cracking down on gameplay videos? V.unfortunate if so.

How to really make GoW2 more 'girlfriend-friendly' - Veronica Belmont
'I appreciate that Cliffy B. is thinking about making the game 'girlfriend-friendly' but I don't know if that's really at the heart of the matter.'

Classic Gaming Expo - cancelled for 2008, aw.
That's a shame, it's a neat, if superniche show - via Driph.

Video Games Business & Marketing: Rant: Innovation - to love, to fear
'As much as we love to talk about innovation, my experience tells me core gamers are scared to death of it because it doesn't look like what they are used to.'

Help me find an old article about Ion Storm? | Quiet Babylon
And he found it - and it's rather awesome.

Richard Cobbett > Richard's Online Journal - 'Reviewspotting'
Examining 'The Emperor's New Clothes' review, according to Richard: 'This is what you get when a reviewer is having absolutely no fun, but is terrified it might be their fault.'

Thwomp Factory: Thwomp Factory Fryday: Cooking Mama 2
Real cooking from Cooking Mama 2 - v.cute!

Raph's Website - 'The market glut'
'How many kids worlds can actually survive? I actually think the answer is just about all of them.' Hm, I don't think so, given VC dreams for the majority of them, as opposed to subsistence realities.

pushing buttons...: Difficulty Bandwagon
Former God Of War combat lead weighs in: 'In my eyes Challenge vs. Entertainment is the dividing line for difficulty.'

Misplaced Promotional Quotations for Next-gen.biz (Magical Wasteland)
'Only a craven serf would not carefully read this website every morning.' Heehee, we need to get some of those quotes for Gamasutra, everyone else has 'em!