- Sorry, really not picking on Matt Damon, but the lead story is somewhat about him, and was reminded how much Team America is destructively vituperative towards him. Also, this is still the best North Korean dictator-sung ballad ever.

Anyhow, as well as the Damon-ator, you will see some other links, including Leigh Alexander on the real GTA IV, the eyebrow-raisingly named Stalin Vs. Martians, and the slightly fictional Ponsonby Britt making his first-ever game appearance. And links:

QT3: Matt Damon, you big fat jerk!
Oh dear, Tom Chick points out the telephone game that results in silly Matt Damon/Bourne Conspiracy headlines.

Kotaku: New York City On Liberty City: In The "Real" Liberty City, GTA IV Might Be Cathartic
Leigh still doing 'good stuff' over there on the 'Taku.

Stalin Vs. Martians - the official game homepage
'Stalin is our commander and he gives us orders. Closer to the grand finale he will appear on the battlefield as a playable unit - a huge colossus, five times higher than any other creature.' Via someone who saw it on RPS I think?

Microsoft and Yahoo rejected Steam, says Valve // News // GamesIndustry.biz
'Rejected' is an awfully strong word here - they did this with an XBLA/Portal headline too. Isn't Doug just talking about why MS/Yahoo didn't have the right elements in place, so they built Steam instead?

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Trailer Is Bananas - Shacknews
This. Is. Even. More. Silly.

Ponsonby Britt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Very cutely also credited as executive producer in the credits for the new Rocky & Bullwinkle XBLA title, I just spotted (which is a not-so-good Wario Ware clone, sigh - nice try tho.)

ASCII by Jason Scott: More-iarty
Jason points out that WPI students "...interviewed Brian Moriarty, he of Infocom, LucasArts, and general amazing guy, one of my favorites."

YouTube - Robochi Gets Flamed
Persona's third-year college project is about a robot, the internet, and messageboards. Quite game-applicable - tho a frowny ending.

Comment Central - Times Online - WBLG: Grand Theft Auto vs. Grand Theft Auto
Oh, tres amusant. (Also of note cos someone representing The Times actually mailed GSW to plug this.)

Spot On: Studios bust as industry booms - PlayStation 3 News at GameSpot
Good analysis of some of the game studio issues right now.