- This very special GameSetLinks is headlined by Gary Busey's semi-intentionally deranged endorsement of Saints Row 2, but don't let that trouble you - no, seriously, come out from under the bed?

Elsewhere, we have a crazy Taiko Drum Master claymation short, more exploration of the '1000 True Fans' concept of niche stardom, and the scary truth behind Obsidian's design meetings nowadays. Let's hit eeet:

Richard Bartle: Gamers have won the battle against the censors | Technology | guardian.co.uk
'Gamers vote. Gamers buy newspapers. They won't vote for you, or buy your newspapers, if you trash their entertainment with your ignorant ravings'

The US SingStar launch line-up - PS3 Fanboy
Lots of Britpop-tastic stuff here, nice!

GameTap : GameTap Indies Discussion Thread ...
Frank Cifaldi compiled all the GameTap Indies stuff together in one lovable bunch, v.neat.

Gary Busey Returns With Saints Row 2 Footage - Shacknews
Very silly indeed, THQ.

Kevin Kelly -- 'The Case Against 1000 True Fans'
More follow-up on this truly interesting - but flawed - concept - as commenter GSW Krawall says, of interest to indie game fans.

taiko.drum.master.clay.anime. - Vox
Totally trippy.

Sega’s Rambo on location test in Japan « Arcade Heroes
Whoa, a new Rambo light gun game? Wacky.

For All You Do, Bud, This Blog Is About You - WSJ.com
A Miller-sponsored 'independent' blog - showing how marketing and editorial lines are getting confusing in all industries, nowadays - via Waxy.

For a Pinball Survivor, the Game Isn’t Over - New York Times
Yay, Stern - via Arcade Heroes.

Paranoid changes at work. - Chris Avellone's MySpace Blog
Obsidian's announcement of Alpha Protocol has 'livened up' design meetings, apparently.