- Back with a few mote GameSetLinks - starting out with the fact that The Endless Forest community site is now up - neat for fans of wandering around wordless idyllic pastures gesturing at each other and explaining how your stag is "...much too shy to introduce himself to large groups." Inexplicably cool microniche stuff.

Also in this set of links - the new TIGSource procedural generation indie competition, plus RPS at GameCamp and Noitu Love 2 reviewed at The Onion AV Club by GSW's Chris Dahlen, yay.

Onward to insanity:

Tale of Tales - Press Release: Tale of Tales open The Endless Forest Community Website - GamersHell.com
More neat stuff from those Low Countries-bound art-game crazies.

Gleemax Games (Alpha)
The IGF Platinum sponsors this year launching their game portal, with online versions of some fun board games (RoboRally!)

The Independent Gaming Source: Procedural Generation indie game competition
Awesome idea, algorithmically generated indie games FTW!

Curmudgeon Gamer: Giving It Away (or: Why the State of North Carolina now owns a lot more videogames)
Matt Matthews: 'My alma mater, NCSU, has a videogame collection. What they have covers newer systems and mostly popular games. So when they sent out requests for more games recently, I responded.'

Dobbs Code Talk - Hackerteen: Internet Blackout, Volume 1 Review
I see some mentions of this O'Reilly young teen comic (!) demonizing video games a bit, presumably in favor of... hacking? Wacky, has anyone read?

Digital Eel: 'Goblin Slayer'
A freely downloadable digital board game from the Strange Adventures in Infinite Space folks.

Rifftrac: 'I, Tube: PORTAL Edition.'
Mystery Science Theater's Brain Guy links GameSetWatch. My day is made!

The Guardian GameCamp | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
This sounds like it went really well - more unconferences for games, plz.

More Indie AV Club: Noitu Love 2 « Save the Robot - Chris Dahlen
GSW columnist and Onion AV Club reviewer Dahlen has been waving the indie game flag over there, yay.

GamesOnDeck.com - Nom 3 : An Advanced Mobile Game Created with LOVE
Ah, update to the previous Bong Koo Shin interview we ran last year - I forgot we have the Nom 3 postmortem on Games On Deck!