- Great Gatsby, it's the return of the GameSetLinks - headed this time by the latest GameTunnel indie games countdown (it's April's, but we're linking it a tad tardily) - complete with really silly and not necessarily good presidentially-themed fighting game.

But also in this cacophany of HTTP, there's pictures of the mocap session for the Conan MMO's horse riders, frequently asked questions about Japanese developers, and 1UP on 'when games get personal'.

Have at ye:

What's New in Indie [April Edition] by Game Tunnel
Including the presidential-themed 'Full Contact Debate', heh.

MTV Multiplayer » A Horse Covered in Ping Pong Balls — The ‘Age of Conan’ Mo-Cap Shoot
Uh, is that really cost-effective?

Japanmanship: Frequently Asked Questions
'I often get emails from hopefuls with an eye cocked at the Japanese game industry.' Some answers, then!

Tales of the Rampant Coyote: Frayed Knights Now Available!
'The pilot episode of the indie RPG Frayed Knights is now available for download.'

Siliconera » Shining Dragon brings “battle damage” brawling to the US?
More and more weeeird low-profile PS2 imports arriving - microniche stuff.

The Escapist : Inside Job: It Takes a Method
EA Spouse, on quality of life, sorta: ' Yes, there's progress, and much of it should be celebrated; there's still a long way to go.'

Microsoft’s PopFly makes it easy to create your own arcade games » VentureBeat
Good explanation with screenshots from Dean-o.

Multiple:Option: Game Melody Oratorio Volume Two
Completely awesome DS homebrew game soundtrack music game, pt.2.

Lithium Leaf: 'Freeware Game: Tile Tetri'
Download link broken - it's here - but Lithium Leaf is doing a good job of digging out doujin neatness.

Are We What We Play? Four Essays About What Happens When Games Get Personal from 1UP.com
I feel like 1UP is getting it, featurewise, recently.