- Yes, starting the week with a little more GameSetLink-age, initially with the news that NCSoft's City Of Heroes is upping the user-generated content that everyone can play - kinda neat for an MMO, I fear.

Of course, this will probably also end in tears, as the post notes - there's an uneasy harmony for superhero-based games at the best of times, let alone when users are unleashed to create scenario concepts. But hey!

Elsewhere in this list - IGN's exclusive GTA IV review poked at a bit more, and fun with the Web 2.0 Summit. And hey nonny nonny:

City of Heroes User-Created Content « Double Buffered
'This should satisfy most of the desire to create interesting story and narrative, and I fully expect users to fill out the fiction of the CoH universe, as well as create their own crazy parralel narrative spaces.'

Clickable Culture: 'Policing Role-Play In ‘Age of Conan’'
'Consistent enforcement is sure to be a joke--I can't even go to a bank and get the same answer about the same question from 5 different tellers.' Don't other MMOs run into this? :)

The Best XBLA Games You’re Not Playing | OXM ONLINE
A little old, but just noticed the OXM Online ramp-up has some neat online-only articles, nowadays.

GameDaily: 'Media Coverage: IGN Says Variety May Have 'Grudge'
'That's how we get exclusives of any kind. We have real estate which is the placement of a story and that's what we negotiate with.'

Jess Nevin's annotations for League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier
Linking mainly because there are more Easter Eggs in Moore's work than any game, ever. Yay.

DESIGNER NOTES » Blog Archive » Design of the Times
Yep, Civ IV designer/Spore staffer Soren Johnson is Game Developer's new design columnist, alongside BioWare Austin's Damion Schubert.

An exclusive look inside Sony's London games studio | Technology | guardian.co.uk
'The London Studio is one of the biggest development studios in the UK, with a king-sized reputation to match.' It is quite good, actually!

auntie pixelante › from the summit
Dessgeega's intriguing Oblivion mod: 'I find oblivion’s quest dialogues abrasive, so i tried to create a quest that was entirely driven by landmarks and visual cues.'

Greater Good Magazine - Spring 2008 issue
'This issue of Greater Good explores why play is so important—for kids and adults— and how we can bring it back.' More than one video game-referencing article, too.

random($foo): Web 2.0 Expo Presentation Rundown
Incredibly useful for game creators who want to know about the social web - via the evergreen Waxiness.