- Ah yes, a little GameSetLink-age for your palate, starting out with the New York Times discussing Miyamoto and throwing out a little (perhaps justified) mini-dig at us in the insular game biz.

Also in here - Yahoo! Games on the WiiWare phenomenon, Nabeel Hyatt on what makes gaming social, and the inevitable and wonderful return of Mega64 star Marcus, berating The Behemoth's Paladin (pictured!) and Baez.

Please sample our delights:

Video Games - Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo Expands His Empire - NYTimes.com
'Eighteen months ago, just when video games were in danger of disappearing into the niche world of fetishists' - is a phrase that has NeoGAF shaking fists, heehee.

press the ACTION BUTTON!!: Tim Rogers reviews BioShock
Golden if only for the brief discussion of why Kohler should be disregarded because he likes Fleetwood Mac. Obviously.

Driven - Super Mario is in my ears and in my eyes
Showing some Koji Kondo/Beatles melodic similarity hilarity - via Bneely!

AI Game Dev: 'Paris Game AI Workshop'
Day after Paris GDC, neat specialized free conf thing.

Wii Ware: Is This Nintendo's First Blunder? - Yahoo! Video Games
This was front-page at Yahoo's homepage the other day, showing how influential the relatively overlooked Yahoo! Video Games page might be sometimes.

Les Cahiers Vidéoludiques
This looks like a great art-game site, if you read French. I do not!

XBLAH!: Rant Mode: Microsoft to start delisting Xbox Live Arcade Titles
More interesting, upset feedback from an XBLA fan.

IndieGames.com - The Weblog - Video: Drugstore (Earthbound)
No idea what this has to do with Indie Games, Tim, but it's awesome!

What Makes Gaming Social? - GigaOM
'While social networking is focused on connecting people together, we should expect the best of social gaming to be about creating and building relationships with those friends.'

Mega64: Marcus' Corner
This time interviewing Dan Paladin + John Baez from The Behemoth (Castle Crashers), yaaay.