- Woo with the GameSetLinks - headed by a new indie title that's all kinds of Jeff Minter-esque - in only the best and silliest ways, naturellement.

Also in this set of link-out goodness, trawled from all over the place for your pleasure - some interesting discussion of how No More Heroes' violence is changed for the Japanese version, affecting its impact, and a look at an awesome retro computer game book - hurrayzor.

Onward to the links:

the2bears.com - War Twat
The Minter movement in sweary psychedelic shooters gets another acolyte!

More DS brain games? 'Surely the games world can only take so much of this sort of horrendous onslaught before it mutates and starts eating its own babies?'

Xemu's Long-Winded Game Industry Ramblings :: Reaper Creeper
Another industry dev recommends Square Enix's 'The World Ends With You' - hearing it's one of the most leftfield and interesting 'mainstream' releases in a good while.

Write the Game: Writing a Kick-Ass Script 3: The Meat and Potatoes
Fun series on making good game script.

You Are Lose!: Violence In 'No More Heroes' - Blood-Free Japan
About censorship in the Japanese SKU: 'As the bosses and their deaths grow more outlandish and complex, the Japanese version remains uncertain and, well, a little awkward.'

Anonymity's redeeming quality - schlaghund's playground
'While the diplomatic metagame is an ever-present reality in the analog world (at least among my circle of friends), the digital one possesses a saving grace - anonymity.'

Vintage Computing and Gaming | Archive - Polaroid Instant Video Games
'What you're seeing is not a hallucination. It is neither the result of partial head trauma, nor an accidental intrusion from an alternate dimension.'

mbf [email protected]: Usborne Guide To Computer And Video Games
'A glorious exercise in retrofuturism.'

Habitat Chronicles: Lucasfilm's Habitat Promotional Video
'In 1986, the following promotional video for Lucasfilm's Habitat - the first graphical virtual world with the first avatars - was released.'

Phosphor Dot Fossils: The DVD now available | Armchair Arcade
'Phosphor Dot Fossils is an audiovisual celebration of the evolution and innovation of arcade games, home video games and computer games.'