Yeehah, a pleasant Tuesday brings us a bunch more GameSetLinks, and while I'm wandering around Southern California (watch for a special arcade report soonish), there's plenty of links to hit around the blogosphere.

Among the highlights this time - the 'Artsy Games Incubator' throws up some gems, Castle Crashers (pictured) is in some danger of actually getting released, and Mega64's obnoxious puppet Marcus starts a new game-related chat show for the ages.

Ready, steady, cook:

No Media Kings » Free Artsy Games Released
Jim Munroe: 'The second round of the Artsy Games Incubator went terrific: check out Mouse Police, Bungee Fisher, Cupcake Challenge, Albacross, and my own Baby Runs This Mofo.'

Ars Technica: 'Ars Technica acquired by Condé Nast: the low-down'
Notable cos it adds some pretty decent game coverage to the Conde Nast portfolio, which also includes Wired/ of course.

TIGSource: 'Castle Crashers Is Complete'
Praise the Lord, finally - hope it doesn't get stuck in a Torpex-style infinite loop, mind you.

Peter Molyneux: My Next Game a 'Significant Scientific Achievement' | Game | Life from
"I'm being really careful," he tells me. "I will only talk about real tangible features of the game that I can show." Good for him!

Leading Wolves » Blog Archive »
On those ubiquitous game testing scam sites, referencing an earlier GSW post: 'skip giving out your hard-earned money to con-men', indeed.

Tynan Sylvester » Blog Archive » The Idiots of Garry's Mod
I believe this is old, but wow, awesome video - machinima can be incredibly idiotically funny.

Goodbye Surfer Girl « The Space Oddity
Space Oddity busts out something interesting - potentially correct too, I reckon: 'The rumors floating around the internet about Gearbox developing a new Halo game are absolutely true. Expect to see an official announcement very soon!'

Water Cooler Games - Budget Hero
'Budget Hero is the new serious game about balancing the federal budget, from American Public Media.'

Strafe Left: The Formative Years #30 | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Hey, Roguelike cartoon humor.

Mega64: Marcus' Corner, Episode 1 - 'David Jaffe'
Basically I love anything Mega64 does ever. Thank you!