- Once again, time for links to some of the best stories posted on our other sites - including Gamasutra and Game Career Guide, among others - that you might have missed this week.

Once again I'm taking advantage of Gamasutra features editor Christian Nutt's email to press, and adding a few other choice links from various parts of our universe - including the highlights of the MI6 game marketing conference that were sufficiently game-ish. Hurray:

Moving The Industry Forward: Peter Molyneux Speaks
"Talkative and opinionated as ever, in this exclusive interview, Peter Molyneux talks about his feelings about how our industry fails to serve a broad enough user base, and how he hopes to challenge that with Fable 2. 'My dream is to play a computer game with my wife. She hates video games.'"

Analyze This: Is The Video Game Industry Recession-Proof?
"An interesting and relevant question for sure – we have three experienced analysts - Nick Williams of OTX, Jesse Divnich of The simExchange, and Ed Barton of Screen Digest - tackle the issue of where we might be headed, economically."

MI6: Gaming 2020 Panel Predicts A More Casual Future
"The title may not grab you, but the content should. Led by outspoken analyst Michael Pachter, a panel discussion which included Peter Moore and Nolan Bushnell among other luminaries discussed where they see gaming in the year 2020. Moore predicted the end of traditional consoles -- 'I think we have to look east for indications of where this business is going... With the retail/console model we're kidding ourselves.'"

Understanding Free-To-Play: Nexon's Min Kim Speaks Out
"Most people seem to be aware that MapleStory is popular, but with its popularity comes an increased emphasis on other publishers moving to a free-to-play model. There’s a lot of confusion out there, so we always like to talk to Nexon’s Min Kim about sorting all of that out. Definitely give it a read – there’s plenty here, including a bit of info on Nexon’s new Western development studio."

Design Language: The Portal Paradoxes
"Plenty of people have talked about Portal over the last several months, but here, veteran game designer Noah Falstein - co-creator of Sinistar and LucasArts veteran - kicks off his new regular feature column by taking a critical look at what made it work so well, from opening moments to “Still Alive”."

In addition, here's some bonus links:

MI6: The Five Rules Of Marketing BioShock
"At his MI6 session on marketing 2K Boston/Australia's hit Xbox 360/PC title BioShock, 2K director of marketing Tom Bass revealed the five secrets to its success, from not underestimating the consumer to putting a heavy focus on building and maintaining a strong community."

The Casual Games Manifesto by Daniel Cook
"Casual games are vital to the future of the biz - but how does a developer navigate the middlemen-strewn digital distribution future? Daniel Cook has a manifesto to help casual game devs get loyal customers with great social games."

Analysis: Microsoft On The Secrets Of Marketing Halo 3
"In a presentation at MI6, Microsoft staff dissected Halo 3's marketing for an audience eager to discover the secrets of the game's massive success -- particularly from the perspective of its incomparable media blitz last September."

Student Postmortem: The Art Of Board Game Design
"Board games are the topic of a new student postmortem on sister site GameCareerGuide.com, as students at Savannah College of Art and Design constructed a paper-based game called Rats based around 'paranoia'."

MI6: ESRB, Sony, Microsoft Talk Policing User-Created Content
"A notable MI6 Conference talk on Tuesday saw ESRB president Patricia Vance discussing problems - and some solutions - around regulation and rating of video game content with reps from Sony, Microsoft, and moderator N'Gai Croal of Newsweek - full details within."

Educational Feature: ‘Student Postmortem: AudiOdyssey’
"Singapore-MIT Game Lab has created AudiOdyssey, an innovative Wiimote-utilizing game that can be played equally by both blind and sighted players, and sister site Game Career Guide is featuring an in-depth postmortem of the inventive title."

Analysis: 49 Million U.S. Gamers Buy Used Games
"At this year’s MI6 conference, the organizers commissioned research firm OTX to survey the video game resale market in the United States, revealing the fact that 60% of all U.S. gamers buy used games - Gamasutra has full research commentary and slides from OTX's Nick Williams."