- So, time to produce linkage to some of the best stories posted on our other sites - including Gamasutra and others such as Game Career Guide - that you might have missed this week.

This time, I'm actually taking advantage of the fact that Gamasutra features editor Christian Nutt sends out a little email to notable fellow members of the press every Friday, highlighting some items they may want to reference or link. So the commentary below is selected extracts from Christian's - even if the Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V is all mine! Bonus links underneath his picks:

EA Goes Free-To-Play: Battlefield Heroes' Producer Speaks
"I don't think Battlefield Heroes is getting a ton of press, but it's an interesting game. I heard a lot of people write it off as a Team Fortress 2 clone because of the aesthetics, but it's really something totally different. The Asian free-to-play model is going to start impacting games, particularly PC games more and more, and that's what this interview is about."

Fixing Online Gaming Idiocy: A Psychological Approach
"This article may have gotten the most attention this week. A former Microsoft developer writes about the need for instituting features into games that discourage players from acting like asshats -- which I think is a very good idea. The idea of engineering social expectations into games rather than just glumly accepting that people who play online are dickheads and there's nothing we can do about it is pretty novel."

Gaming Addiction: Clearing the Air, Moving Forward
"An article by a researcher and writer into game addiction which tackles the topic candidly, discussing the very fact that the industry doesn't seem to want to deal with it. It's an interesting topic because it's very grey -- we have a few extreme cases of fatal game addiction, but we generally all don't think it's a big deal. But if we don't examine it, we'll never really know, will we? That's the point here."

Postmortem: Saber Interactive's TimeShift
"TimeShift may not have been the best shooter released last year, but it had the most fascinating and unusual development history. Here, the developers discuss bringing their game to completion through a publisher change and platform shifts."

Bonus links are as follows:

Sponsored Feature: RAM, VRAM, and More RAM: 64-Bit Gaming Is Here
"In the fourth Microsoft-sponsored article on Gamasutra's XNA-themed microsite, XNA Developer Connection's Walbourn discusses the rise of 64-bit computing and gaming on Windows, explaining the technical specifics and programming advantages of 64-bit."

Online Community Management: Communication Through Gamers
"In this in-depth Gamasutra analysis, MMO community liaison Wera analyzes the art of game community management, suggesting success comes as much with vibrant social community as gameplay."

The Law Of The Land For Game Writing
"Writing for video games is different from writing for any other medium - and knowing that is the first step to becoming a video game writer. James Portnow shares some other tricks of the trade."

IMGDC: BioWare's Walton Talks MMO Creation Essentials
"At last weekend's Indie MMO Game Developers Conference in Minnesota, Gamasutra was there to hear BioWare Austin co-studio director Gordon Walton parsing out some essential lessons for online game creators, suggesting how indie efforts should differentiate from AAA online games at every stage of the process."

Sharing the Design
"One of the challenges of being a game designer is learning how to share the theoretical ideas and notions that make up a game project. How do you divvy up and share an idea? How does one person take ownership of another person's idea, or more accurately, a small sliver of it? Brandon Van Slyke, a designer at Vicarious Visions, tells why sharing is good -- and how to do it."