- Hee, time for some more fun GameSetLink-age, headed by a really silly-sounding Doom 3 mod - probably not spectacular to play (and who knows? it might be!), but conceptually wonderful.

Elsewhere, the kind of fun that we have includes, paradoxically, some suggestions on why modding seems to have diminishing returns nowadays, as well as Red Vs Blue's new machinima and the New York Times on blogger burnout. Which I promise not to succumb to. Onward:

Bubba Lego-Tep - GameArtisans
A Lego... Bubba Ho-Tep... Doom 3 mod! Via Planet Doom.

BBC - Scotland - videoGaiden
The Consolevania guys do their awards, with Jonathan Coulton, and much ridiculousness.

VGChartz.com | Xbox Live Arcade charts for this week
Some good (if estimated, but NOT guessed) XBLA sales updates.

MMOG Nation » /. FYI
Michael Zenke, my Slashdot Games successor, moving on to freelance goodness at lots of places.

Bow Street Runner: Jay is Games
Webgame from Channel 4 - 'a dark and historically accurate journey through old London, presented with live actors, voice narration and full motion video for an impressive cinematic experience.'

Red vs. Blue · RvsB Reconstruction
'Rooster Teeth Productions is proud to announce our newest series, Red vs Blue: Reconstruction.'

Cathode Tan: Here We Go Again: Make Something Unreal
'Every generation of the Unreal engine has resulted in a mod community which is smaller and more closeted than one before it.'

DP’s Gamer Blog : Watch Morgan Webb Totally Degrade Video Games on the Tyra Banks Show
'This is a typical situation that perfectly highlights the perception problems that our industry continually faces among such audiences.'

Upcoming game from Namco - AFREC! « Arcade Heroes
Arcade game in which "...players can record over Anime, Movies and more as voice actors."

In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop - New York Times
This is a major problem for me, my staff, everyone who understands why timing matters on the web.