- If I could pick a film site that was most like GameSetWatch (and I think this has come up before), then it would be TwitchFilm.net, a beautifully geeky trawl through the obscure, cult and generally alternative in moving pictures.

Therefore, it's a delight to link them (via Brandon Boyer) pointing out a trailer for the film adaptation of D3's The Onee Chanbara, the exploitationishly awesome Simple 2000 title which "involves the player controlling Aya, a Japanese cowgirl in a bikini who wears a scarf and wields a katana."

Where TGS starts, the movies finish, personification wise. And links:

Twitch - Bikini Samurai Girls vs Zombies! Trailer for ONECHANBARA
Detaching Simple 2000 fans from floor... now!

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Second contest now starting!

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Interesting new HL2 art-machinima from a GSW reader.

LegalTorrents - Home
The relaunch of a site I set up a LONG time back - Jonathan Dugan has helped bring it back, it still has 2 or 3 free game torrents on it, yay.

Waxy.org: BBC2's The Net, first episode from April 1994
'Thomas Dolby takes us into his home to talk about his approach to dynamic audio design in gaming.'

Last Man Standing Coop :: View topic - Last Man Standing Final Release!
Final release of the IGF-winning Doom 3 mod (from when we had a mod competition, aw.)

Kotaku: 'Feature: You Just Won IGF! That Means...?'
Stuff! Brief quote from me, and some other good follow-ups. Yay.

OMG! Denver girl's Txt It! game is winner - The Denver Post
Winning Hopelab-related idea - like DDR with texting, heh?

Spectre Collie » Blog Archive » There is no places for writers in the games industry.
An excellent analysis of the original opinion piece and various rebuttals.

Furu Furu Park (Wii game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Just checked this out - neat for Taito geeks (Cameltry, Pocky & Rocky minigames) but story mode removed for the U.S., boo.

What's New in Indie [March Edition] by Game Tunnel
GT still finds pay-to-play indie titles that others don't notice, for whatever reason.