- There's a moose loose about the hoose! No? Nobody? OK, I'll just do some GameSetLinks instead, in that case. Yay.

Actually, this time there's some decided neatness - especially in terms of a Band Bros sequel making music on your DS in Japan soon, some smart rhetoric on the Lost game, a little beautifully ramshackle Daniel Boutros prose, and a cornucopia of other fun. Link me, baby:

Geek Studies » Blog Archive » Locating Aesthetics Between Various Game Appeals
Rebutting John Rose's recent Gama article.

PlayFirst - PlayFirst Grapevine - 4th Birthday thoughts from our CEO
They did $10 million in revenues in 2007 and are not yet profitable - iiinteresting.

Announcing GameCamp! | Games | Guardian Unlimited
This is v.awesome.

Japanmanship: Emotional Design
'I think the West can learn a lot from the Japanese approach, where much is dictated not by the player experience, but by the player’s emotional reaction...'

NCSX: Band Bros DX for DS Pre-Order
Hey, Band Bros sequel - any chance of a Western release this time?

Idle Thumbs: No Promises
A terribly late but really rather good GDC 2008 meta-musing.

NOOOZ: Daniel Boutros' Xbox 360 Magazine article reprints, Pt.1
Boutros, you are an awesome crazy.

Kieron Gillen’s Workblog » newuniversal: 1959
Hey, Gillen's doing weird '50s Warren Ellis reboot spinoffs for Marvel now, neat.

Forget Developers Burning Out, What About Our Press? (Magical Wasteland)
Some particularly notable/smart commenters.

Lost: Via Domus - Adaptive Perils | The New Gamer
'While I've previously clamored for improved recap in games, I didn't mean for immediate recaps, regurgitating the events I just experienced.'