- Chalking up another ten notches on the GameSetLinks GameSetLink-ometer, which very clearly exists, so stop looking at me funny, we lead off with some metrics fun on that ocean that's... burning!

Also in there somewhere - more reaction to the Milliwayton, the first of the Nintendo-distributed DS student games are made available, and chiptune Enigma vs. Super Mario Bros? Good gravy. And links:

Orbus Gameworks on Pirates Of The Burning Sea's data API
Neat that they have one, shame that not tonnes of people care, I suspect.

'Z-list' - DeflaterMouse's Vox
Following up on that Andy Baio 'Milliways' post, with some pretty raw opinions on journalism vs. blogging vs. factchecking - via someoneilost, sorry.

Come One Come All Kongregate: First Impressions Review - Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3!
Yes, this is an increasingly advanced Flash Guitar Hero clone.

chewing pixels » User Generated Videogames
Finding a Dezaemon-winning user-generated level by Cave Story creator Pixel. V.v.geeky-neat.

Siliconera » Nintendo Game Seminar 2007 and the first day of Wakerai no Heya Tsuzuki
Nintendo-distributed student DS games (pictured) hands-on - at least in Japan. V.neat.

Zarathustran Analytics in Video Games, Part 2: The Role of Depth | Moving Pixels | PopMatters
Rubbish title, decent essay: 'In the end, deep game design should not be considered an inherently good attribute of a game in a proper critical assessment.'

auntie pixelante › enigmario
'enigmario is a rad hack of super mario bros. that replaces koji kondo’s melodies with smart chip remixes of tracks from enigma’s mcmxc a.d.' Mind... blown.

Ascii Dreams: Unangband Dungeon Generation - Part Eight (Persistence)
On Roguelikes and remembering things: 'Persistence requires memory, a precious resource in computer science that for a long time was heavily restricted.'

Pandora Open Source Handheld Game System: A GP2X Killer? | Armchair Arcade
'GP2X killer' is a pretty funny phrase in itself, of course - but then, I own a GP32 so I can't talk, hah.

ARGNet: RUMOR: An ARG for Resistance 2?
Iintereesting if true.